Replacing your water heater can be an expensive proposition: the average cost of a new heater runs about $600 for the heater itself and between $300 and $400 to pay a plumber to install it.

Yet flushing your water heater can mean extending the life of your current heater so that it will last you between 8-12 years (leaving you plenty of time to save up the funds for its replacement). Maintaining the heater also means you won’t have the expense and hassle of suddenly having to replace a heater should it go on the fritz without warning.

broken water heater

Ever feel like this during a shower? Your water heater needs looking after!

(A side note: have you placed insulation around your heater? Doing so can reduce its heat loss by up to 45 percent, resulting in a as much as a 9 percent savings in water heating costs.)

Flushing your tank helps extend the life of your heater because doing so removes debris and minerals that build up within it. Left to sit in the tank, these substances can cause the heater to break down.

What’s more, if you don’t maintain your heater properly, it could stop working suddenly – meaning you and your family will be taking cold showers until it’s fixed, and your household budget will take a large, unplanned hit.

Flushing your tank should take place every six months or once a year, depending on how many people live in your home. If there are just two of you, flush the tank every 12 months. If you have three or more people living in the home, flush it every six months.

It’s also a great idea to have a professional plumber inspect your heater at least once year. Professionals will be able to look over your heater – whether it’s tankless, gas powered, or powered by electricity – to see what parts may need to be replaced or fixed (once again, saving you the cost of having the water heater break completely). Professional plumbers also can drain/flush the tank; remove sediment; inspect all of the tank’s connections for rust, corrosion and wear; replace any worn anode rods; check the tank’s pressure relief valve; and so on.

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