Toilet Making Noise & Running In Carrollton Texas

Did you know that the sounds your toilet makes can indicate very specific issues within the plumbing surrounding your appliance? 

It’s true, our toilets have their ways of communicating with us whenever something is wrong. So, as long as you keep your ear open to these strange toilet sounds, you could possibly avoid an expensive plumbing repair in the future.

As a follow up to our conversation about different warning noises your general plumbing makes, here’s a closer look at the meaning behind these somewhat common toilet noises.

Ghost Flushing

If you’re lying awake in the middle of the night and hear your toilet flush. Don’t worry, it’s not time to call in an exorcist. The reality is that ghost flushing is a sign that your toilet’s flapper is failing or has already failed. 

When this happens, the water in your tank will slowly seep out into the toilet. Once the water dips below a certain level, the toilet partially flushes in order to refill the tank.

If you’re tired of hearing your toilet phantom flush throughout the day, reach out to a local plumber to help you find a quick and affordable fix for this problem. 

Gurgling After a Flush

Once your toilet flushes, the only sound you should hear directly after is the tank replenishing itself with water. If you start to hear a gurgling sound, contact a reliable plumber, because you have a blockage within your system. This is a sound that should never go ignored. A blockage can quickly worsen and create a plumbing emergency that creates overflow and a health risk for your home.

It’s always best to go with a licensed plumber for this type of problem because it can be difficult to determine where your blockage is unless you are a professional yourself.

From your sewer line to a blockage within your toilet, there are several blockage sources that can lead to an annoying post-flush gurgling.


Your toilet randomly hissing can be a frightening noise and sound like a problem that stems from a leak. This sound is either due to a deteriorating flapper or water flowing into your toilet’s overflow valve. 

Your plumber can come by and quickly determine the issue. Whether you need a flapper replacement or your fill valve needs adjusting to prevent the problem, this is a generally easy, affordable, and quick fix.


A whistling toilet is a sure sign that your fill valve is on the fritz. In order to prevent weak flushes and gallons of wasted water a day, make sure to handle this problem as quickly as possible.

Your valve must close and seal for a proper flush. If you hear whistling or even screaming sounds coming from your toilet after using the restroom, a replacement valve is a necessity.

Is Your Toilet Signaling a Plumbing Problem? Plumbing Dynamics can Help!

If your toilet is making sounds outside of its ordinary flushing and refilling, it may be time to schedule a visit from a local plumber. The team at Plumbing Dynamics has seen and fixed every toilet problem known to plumbing and can quickly help you with yours.

Contact us today to schedule a visit with one of our plumbers.