Old cut sludge polypropylene plumbing pipes with red rust and limescale.

High oxygen levels in the water of your plumbing system and overuse of chemical drain cleaners can quickly lead to pipe corrosion. This is a plumbing problem that no homeowner should have to deal with, yet is something that licensed plumbers encounter and replace on a regular basis.

Letting your plumbing remain corroded can lead to massive water bills, burst pipes, and even health problems in your home. If you notice any of the following plumbing issues around your home, it’s time to reach out to Dallas plumbing professionals to handle your potential corrosion problem.

Your Water is Discolored

Pay attention to that first draw of water in the morning. If it’s not coming out clear, then you most likely have corroded pipes in your system.

As water rests in your pipes overnight, the sediment that flakes off of your damaged pipes creates a discoloration in the water, creating the blue-green or brown hue seen when you turn on the tap.

Simply by looking at the color of your water, a local plumber can quickly determine the type of pipe that is damaged and formulate a solid plan to get your water back to a normal color.

Your Water Tastes Funny

Your water shouldn’t have a distinct taste to it. However, excess oxygen and rust present in your pipes can create a taste that should indicate a problem.

If your water has a metallic or sweet taste to it, there is most likely a corroded pipe within your plumbing system.

Clogs Become More Frequent

Strange tastes and colors aren’t the only way to sniff out a corroded pipe. When pipes corrode and break down, physical build up begins to fill up the remaining pipe.

When that happens you’ll begin to experience clogs that keep coming back, even after you’ve cleared out your pipes with a snake. Trust this sign as a major plumbing problem and reach out to a licensed plumber for help before your problem becomes an emergency.

Low Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure is one of the biggest signs of pipe problems. Low water pressure is also leaked to clogs caused by pipe corrosion. If blockages are present in your pipes, even with your water turned on at full blast, you’ll still experience low water pressure due to the blockage in your system.


If your plumbing starts to develop leaks throughout the home, this is a sign that there is a corroded pipe amongst the system. Remember, many plumbing problems are connected at one major root issue. When your pipes experience frequent clogs due to corrosion, leaks arise, which eventually will lead to expensive and destructive pipe bursts.

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