Water pipe break .Exposing a burst water main, focused on the spraying water and the pipe.

Water line leaks are among the most dreaded plumbing problems in Dallas. When your water line bursts not only does it create an expensive problem but it also disrupts the flow of water into the home.

Most homeowners would contribute a leaky water line to an old plumbing system that was bound to eventually fail. While this could be the problem, there are several other culprits that could be behind your water line woes.

Poor Water Line Installation

Even if you inherited your home’s water line with the promise that the line was fairly new, you could still face premature failure due to poor water line installation. From using poor-quality materials to just doing a hasty job, any faulty installation practices can drastically reduce the lifespan of your water line.

The average water line should last 70 years before natural collapse. So if you notice water line problems on a newer line, ask your local plumber to check for improper installation.

Extreme Weather Conditions

The weather in Dallas is unpredictable and it’s common for cold weather to put stress on a water line, causing it to burst. If you know that your water line is buried less than four feet below ground, remember that it is highly susceptible to damage if a freeze runs through your area.

Rodent and Pest Damage

If you thought frost heave was the biggest natural danger to water lines, unfortunately, rodents and pests are just as big of an issue with your outdoor plumbing. Rats and other types of mammals can easily chew through your home’s water line and create an expensive leak that will leave you puzzled until a licensed plumber can come out and resolve the problem.

Shifting Soil

The soil that your pipes reside in can also be a detriment to their functionality. If the soil in your yard begins to erode, the possibility of a shift in the soil around your pipes increases. When this happens, eventually the weight of the soil becomes too much to bear and a plumbing emergency ends up being the outcome.

Root Damage

We’ve seen this problem seemingly countless times. When trees are planted too close to outdoor plumbing the roots can often grow along a water line and eventually break through and clog your water line, creating a plethora of plumbing problems on your property.

Plumbing Dynamics Helps Get Dallas Water Lines Flowing Smoothly Again

If your family falls victim to the plumbing emergency of a burst water line, the problem will only worsen without action. The licensed plumbers of Plumbing Dynamics can help you resolve your issue through appropriate solutions at fair prices.

Trust our team to help you with your immediate plumbing needs, without tacking on extra projects that further impact your finances. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing services and how we can help resolve your plumbing problems.