First of all, you should expect a drop in water pressure when you have turned on two plumbing fixtures at the same time — although the water pressure should be strong when you have only one fixture on.

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If, however, you notice that the flow of water has dropped with just one outlet on, you definitely have a problem. It could be one or more of several causes listed below.

Problems with a Pressure Regulator

This is a bell-shaped device outside your house that regulates the water pressure. The manufacturer usually sets these devices at between 45 and 60 pounds per square inch for the pressure. Usually, once they have been set, you don’t have to worry about them. However, they can malfunction, and that could be causing your pressure drop. If this happens, you need to call a plumber.

Valves Closed

There are valves throughout your home controlling all of your plumbing fixtures. If you notice a drop in pressure to one of the fixtures, say a faucet or shower head, it could be that the valve that controls the water flow to that fixture is partially closed. There is also a valve that controls the flow of water to the entire residence, and you should make sure that it is completely open.

You Have a Water Leak

A leak in a pipe will reduce your water pressure. You can find out whether you have a leak by looking at your water meter. First, make sure all of the water outlets have been turned off then check the water meter. Check the meter a few hours later. If your water meter shows increased usage, you know you have a leak.

Peak Usage

You may also experience a drop in pressure during a period of peak water usage. Many people take showers during the morning or water their lawn at the same time during the evening. If many in your neighborhood are doing this, it could cause a drop in pressure. If that is the case, you might want to vary your schedule.

Mineral Deposit Build-up

Another cause of low water pressure could be that mineral deposits in your pipes are building up. If you believe this to be the case, you need to get a plumber out to your house for an inspection.

If you can’t figure out why the water pressure is low in your home, or if you can’t fix the problem yourself, call upon Carrollton plumbers at Plumbing Dynamics. Give us a ring at 214-929-3431.

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