If you have a plumbing problem or are doing some home renovations, you want the job to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. To make sure that happens, there are some things you can do in terms of working with your plumber. Here are a few tips.

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  1. Give a good description of the plumbing problem

In other words, provide as complete a picture as possible to the emergency plumber of what needs to be done. This may help the plumber to decide how to approach the job. For example, is the problem a new one or have you had it before? Do you have any idea what may be causing the problem?  (With a clog, for example, maybe someone put something down the drain that doesn’t belong.) Did you try to fix the problem yourself before you called the plumber?

  1. Clear out the work area for your licensed plumber

Make sure the plumber has easy access to the plumbing’s pipes or fixtures that he needs to work on. Move any furniture or other items that may be blocking access. Keep your pets and children away from the area as well.

  1. Know the plumber’s rates

Check with the plumber beforehand about the prices for parts. The job may only require parts that the plumber already has. However, with some jobs, he may require some type of specialty part that has to be ordered. If that is the case, check with the plumber to find out what the cost will be for these items.

Also, many times when you are having new fixtures or other decorative features installed, the plumber will want you to choose them before he begins working. This way you can make sure that things look the way you want them to, and you won’t have to worry about running back and forth to the store to exchange items.

  1. Ask who’s cleaning up once the plumber is done

Most reputable plumbers always clean up the work area before they leave. However, if the job is a big one that requires pulling out tile or baseboards or other work like this, many plumbers cannot or will not do these kinds of repairs. So, you need to establish before the work starts what exactly the plumber will and will not do as far as cleanup and whether you will need to call someone else to do the repair work.

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