video inspection

Today we are talking about your home drain cleanouts. Every home should have them. Some houses do not, but if you don’t you need to have some installed so that you can service your sewer line and keep it clean, and be able to see what’s going on underneath your house.



Your Drain Cleanouts



Each of these pipes goes in its own direction, one under the house and the other out to the street. The purpose of these is so that you can service your sewer line if you have a backup or a failure underneath the line. A plumber can come in and use a snake without having to come inside the house. They can run it underneath the house and do what they need to do, or they can run it out to the street and clear the blockage that way.



If Your Cleanout Isn’t Visible



If these drain cleanouts are not visible, it’s a good idea to have a plumber come out and raise them up so that you can find them. Then you’ll know where they are and you can tell what kind of a sewer backup you do or don’t have.



Easily Inspect Sewer Lines For Issues



Another great feature of these is that you can use them to inspect your sewer lines relatively easily by running a camera through them. These video inspections will give you a great deal of information. For instance, we just ran a camera through the cleanouts on a customer’s house, and we were able to find an area where the old cast-iron sewer pipe had about an inch and a half dislocation from the PVC pipe, which is a problem!


Your Next Step


So check around your house for your cleanouts, and give us a call if you can’t find them!