If you’ve decided it’s time to remodel your bathroom, we know you’re dreaming about the day you can relax in your new spa, luxuriate in a bathroom that has his-and-her sinks instead of just one, or enjoy your new heated bathroom tiles!

bathroom remodel

And that day will come.

But if you’re in the beginning or even in the middle of a bathroom remodel, read below for some typical problems with your bathroom’s plumbing that might crop up.

Corroded Pipes

Many homeowners engaged in a bathroom remodel or renovation soon find that their home’s older cast iron pipes (found in homes built in the 1960s and earlier) have corroded. If this is the case for you, you’re probably going to have to replace your old pipes with new ones. This is not inexpensive.


Weak Floor Joists

You also may find that your bathroom’s floor joists were notched by plumbers performing repairs or maintenance in the past, leaving the joists weakened. This can be true problem for you if you’re installing a new tile floor – it could crack if placed on a floor that’s not stiff enough.



As your remodelers are tearing things up, they may discover that while it appears you have a vent fan in the bathroom, it’s a non-working fan because it was installed without a duct. Or you have the duct, but it directs air into your basement or attic. Or the fan is there, but it leaks a ton.

Speaking of vents (this time on your sink, shower, toilet or tub) today’s plumbing codes have changed the way plumbers are supposed to run vent lines to/from them. If insufficient, the venting can lead to gurgling drains, or your traps becoming extremely dry (which can contribute to stopped up drains)


Water Damage

You may find that your shower’s or tile tub’s surround isn’t waterproof. While today’s plumbing codes require that these surrounds are waterproof, home inspectors aren’t required to check if they are and so many homeowners who purchase a new-to-them home (or even a newly constructed home) find when doing a remodel that theirs wasn’t waterproof – and so there’s a lot of water damage, mold, leaks, and so on.

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