Technology is advancing rapidly in many different areas, and plumbing is no exception. New plumbing technology focuses on systems that are more environmentally friendly by conserving water, as well as plumbing that is easier to use.

Here is some of the new technology.

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  1. Dishwasher recycling.

This technology is a wash cycle option on the dishwasher that recycles rinse water. This device can reduce your water usage by up to 700 gallons a year. But not all dishwashers have this technology yet, so you need to search for dishwashers equipped with the recycle option.

  1. Greywater technology.

If you are among the many people in the Southwest afflicted with drought conditions, this plumbing advance can be a big help in conserving water. What greywater technology does is recycle the water used in showering and water that goes down the kitchen sink drain for other purposes, such as flushing the toilet or watering the lawn.

By saving water, these systems also save money for the homeowner.

  1. Smart irrigation systems.

These sprinkler systems have technology that will keep an eye on the weather forecast for you, so if a shower is expected, the sprinkler will automatically turn off, and you won’t waste water by watering your lawn right before nature does.

  1. Touch-free plumbing fixtures.

These types of fixtures are already in use commercially. But now they are available for home use as well. They allow you to activate the fixture with just a wave of your hand. So, for example, you can flush your toilet simply by passing your hand over it – and you can shut the toilet lid the same way. The same technology is also in use for faucets, allowing you to turn the faucet on and off with a wave of the hand. These types of systems also need less maintenance than traditional fixtures.

  1. Advanced shower heads.

If you have had enough of your present shower head that only sprays water, the latest technology can now provide you with one that is Bluetooth enabled to play your favorite music.  It also sports LED lights.

  1. Recirculation pumps.

If you don’t like waiting for hot water, you can install a recirculation pump and instantly get the hot water you want. These pumps work by slowly pumping hot water through the hot water pipes and then back to the water heater through a separate pipe or the cold water line.

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