Plumber Drain Cleaning

One of the most common household issues are clogged drains. Most people see this issue and think drain cleaning is as simple as performing some DIY methods to “fix” the problem. The reality is that drains are a little more sophisticated than we’ve been lead to believe. So when something goes wrong with them, it’s always a good idea to contact a local plumber for assistance.

Here are some of the biggest DIY mistakes you could make while attempting a drain cleaning, and why it is safer and easier to just rely on the licensed experts.

DIY Mistakes Made During Drain Cleaning

DIY work often seems like a good idea for issues like clogged drains or even dripping exterior faucets. However, if you aren’t a licensed plumber you run the risk of damaging your pipes even more by practicing some of these “tried and true” (not really) DIY tricks.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Sure, chemical drain cleaners are provided to the masses at most convenient and grocery stores. They come with the promise of unclogging drains fast and disintegrating the buildup inside of your pipes.

The problem lies within the ingredients they boast about. With formulas that include lye, bleach, and aluminum, yes, most drain cleaners will most likely destroy your pipes along with your minor clog.

This becomes an even bigger problem when you have a major clog that an initial chemical wash doesn’t get out; prompting the use of more chemicals just to make sure the job gets done.

Before you know it, not only will your drain persist, but you may be in need of some brand new plumbing.

Shoving Alien Objects Down the Pipes

Many people use tools like drain snakes to attempt DIY drain cleaning. While this is a tool that can be useful for minor clogs, we recommend avoiding creating a makeshift snake out of objects like a straightened clothes hanger or a long stick.

Drain snakes can be useful because of their design to potentially break up a clog. Alien objects will just push the clog deeper and further compact the problem.

Why Hire A Professional Plumber for Your Drain Problems?

As you can see, drain problems aren’t as simple as they seem. That’s why hiring a Carrollton plumber is your best bet for a successful drain cleaning.

1.   We Have The Tools Your Clogs Need

A licensed plumber has experience with unclogging drains and all other aspects of your plumbing. Plumbers work with a variety of tools that can handle clogs of any size without damaging your pipes in the process. That means we have the tools that will ensure the job is done properly and safely.

2.   Your Drain May Not Be Your Biggest Problem

Clogged drains are also key indicators of other, much bigger problems. A plumber can quickly determine if your issue is a standard clog or something more serious like a backed-up or damaged sewer line. This is a plumbing emergency that only a certified plumber can help resolve.

Note: If you notice sewer back-up in your home, this is an extreme health hazard. Contact an emergency plumber immediately.

3.   Experts Offer a Guarantee

A reputable plumber in Texas will come with a guarantee behind their work. Should something go wrong with the appliance in the future, and it’s related to the repair, your plumber will come out and fix it at no additional cost.

This is not a perk that you’ll find through a DIY job or local handyman.

Avoid Drain Problems and More with Inspections From Plumbing Dynamics

If you’re experiencing drain clogs that just won’t break-up, let the licensed plumbers at Plumbing Dynamics help. We have the experience and skill sets to ensure your drain cleaning and other plumbing needs are met with efficiency and professionalism. We want to help your home flow smoothly again. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our plumbing services in your area.