Solving Common Household Drain Problems

One of the worst surprises is the realization that your plumbing system has some serious problems with it. Every homeowner would like to have a warning that there is about to be a major problem with their plumbing system but most, unfortunately, can’t recognize the obvious signs until it’s too late.

Here is a close look at some of the top plumbing noises that signify there’s an issue brewing in your system.


If you hear gurgling noises in your toilet or drains, this is a sign that you have a clog somewhere in your system. The problem with this is, it’s hard for the average person to determine how deep a clog goes.

While most clogs are a generally easy fix for plumbers, someone trying to attempt a DIY snake job could cause even more problems. Avoid unnecessarily expensive repairs and let a licensed professional help you out at the first sign of trouble.

Clanging After Shutting Off the Water

That clanging noise after you shut off an appliance or valve that distributes water is something known as “water hammer.” The quick change in water pressure after turning off an appliance causes the clanging noise that can actually sound pretty threatening.

Although this is a typical issue, over time, the clanging can lead to deteriorated pipes and a pipe leak. So, if you start to hear clanging, it’s best to call in a home plumbing inspection and have an expert take a look at the integrity of your pipes. If we find anything out of the ordinary, hopefully, it’s caught before any significant damage has impacted your home.

Drip Drip

Although a dripping shower can easily blend in with the average settling sounds of your home, it’s really a noise that you shouldn’t leave ignored. An innocent drip almost always means that you have a leak in your system. Over time, this can become a bigger problem that continues to increase your monthly water bill.

Paying for plumbing repairs now can you save you a ton in the long run. 

Whistling in Your Pipes

The high-pitched whistling noise that can come from your pipes while water is in use is the sign of a debris issue deep within your pipes. Debris in your pipes takes up essential space and causes the whistling sound when the air and your now reduced water pressure.

This issue requires the help of a plumbing professional who can safely examine your pipes and clear them out. Letting this issue go could lead to even more clogged pipes and buildup that results in a pipe burst.

Silence Your Pipes With the Help of Plumbing Dynamics

If any of these noises have kept you up at night, it’s time to reach out to the licensed plumbers of Plumbing Dynamics. We know how to diagnose your knocks and leaks while providing you with an affordable, effective solution.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to get your property on our schedule.