Plumbing Issues Behind Shower Smells

Your bathroom shower is supposed to be the area of your home where you can feel your cleanest and prepare yourself to take on the day. Unfortunately, if your shower and its surrounding area exude a less than ideal scent, the problem could lie within your plumbing.

Let’s take a closer look at why your shower could create unpleasant odors and how Plumbing Dynamics can help bring back the fresh scent your bathroom deserves.

Your P-Trap is Dry

Your shower’s P-trap is located directly beneath your shower drain. It is a U-shaped pipe that is meant to hold water in its curve in order to prevent sewer gas from entering your home through the drain system.

If the P-trap is devoid of water, it’s now an open door for gaseous odors to invade your bathroom and your nostrils.

Usually, this problem is the result of not using the specific shower enough and can be resolved with a little rushing water down the drain. However, if that doesn’t work, you may have a leak in your system a licensed plumber should investigate.

Clogs in the Shower Drain

Drain clogs that leave water sitting in your pipes can be a direct cause of a smelly shower. Water that rests in one spot rapidly decays and can create an awful smell when combined with clogging elements like hair, dirt, soap scum, and natural mineral deposits.

Most homeowners can clear a clog with a proper plunger. However, if the clog is too deep for an effective plunging, help from a professional plumber is paramount.


Much like standard drain clogs, biofilm can prevent your water from draining and create a smell that truly clears out your bathroom. As hair and debris are left to decompose in a pipe, they form a biofilm that both smells and serves as a clog that won’t clear

Typically, biofilm is difficult to reach and clean, so a plumber is likely your best bet at getting your pipes cleared out and smelling good again.

A Damaged Toilet

Although a damaged toilet isn’t a direct result of a smelly shower, it can still be a huge problem for your entire bathroom environment. If issues like damaged wax sealing or a dried-out P-trap in your toilet occur, it’s easy for noxious odors to permeate throughout your bathroom and settle in your enclosed shower.

Leaky or problematic toilets are never anything a homeowner should ignore and can result in damage to your bathroom floors and hundreds of dollars a year in wasted water, So, even if your toilet only has a minor leak and hasn’t started stinking up your shower, it’s imperative to call out a local plumber to get the issue resolved quickly.

Get Your Bathroom Smelling Fresher With Plumbing Dynamics

If your bathroom’s plumbing is creating an unwanted odor in your shower, trust the experts of Plumbing Dynamics to come up with an effective, affordable solution. We are one of Dallas’s most trusted licensed plumbing teams and are ready to put our expertise to work for you!

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