How To Clean Your Sink Pipes

How To Clean Your Sink PipesAll households rely on water heaters to function properly. From using hot water to cleaning dishes, to enjoying a hot bath or shower, a hot water heater is something that is extremely important to the average American lifestyle.

Even though hot water is something we all cherish, the functionality of our tankless water heater and standard water heater is something most don’t pay attention to until the hot water has run out and it is far too late for your device and you will need to call out a Carrollton plumber.

Here are some of the top warning signs that your system is running out and it may be time to go tankless.

Check the Age

Sometimes regardless of how well you maintain your water heater, you may just be out of luck due to old age. The best way to find the age of your water heater is to check the serial number of your water heater.

The serial number of your water heater can usually be found on the manufacturer’s sticker on the device. If you can’t find this information your local plumber will be able to assist you. Generally, after 10 years, your water heater should be due for a replacement.

Strange Noises from Your Water Heater

Much like your car engine, if your water heater begins to make strange noises and rumblings, that is a sure sign that something is off with your unit and it may be time to call a Carrollton plumber.

An aging water heater will build up sediment on the bottom of its tank. Once this is heated up by the water heater, the sediment will harden. This means that not only will your water heater be making unwanted noises, but it will be significantly less efficient.

Rusty WaterSave On Your Water Bill

Rusty water coming from you water heater is a sign that your water heater is rusting from the inside. Once this occurs, you are one step closer to water leaking from the tank. You may want to have your plumber test your water heater for large amounts of rusty water. This is to ensure that the water heater and not the pipes are your problem.

Ready to Avoid Problems and Get a Tankless Water Heater? Call Your Carrollton Plumber!

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