Indoor Plumbing Replaces Copper Pipes with PVC

One of the biggest debates in the world of indoor plumbing and remodeling has always been the argument between using Copper or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVP) pipes in the home. While both materials have their place, every home is unique. That’s why before making the decision to go with PVC or copper during your next project, it’s best to be educated on the key differences and traits between the two!

Copper’s History Runs Deep Within Plumbing

For over 70 years, copper has been used as a key material. As a ductile, malleable metal, it’s widely accepted amongst all major building codes. Its reputation for durability has helped cement its acceptance for plumbing and construction needs.

However, even though this piping material is compatible with all plumbing applications, it is a metal and eventually, corrosion will begin to eat away at your pipes. This results in leaks, frustration, and finally, pipe replacement.

Common Problems with Copper Pipes

Aside from corrosion over time, copper pipes also present several other issues when used in the home.

Water Quality Drops

As the age of your pipes rises, the copper they’re made out of begins to break apart and dissolve into your home’s water. While many people seem to ignore the bitter, metallic taste that this produces, it’s a real problem and can lead to illness.

If you notice a bitter taste in your water or that your fixtures are turning green from staining, reach out to a local plumber, ASAP.

Vulnerable to Bursts

Unlike PVC pipes, copper pipes are more vulnerable to freezing and bursting. This is an emergency plumbing situation that no homeowner wants to have to deal with. However, the bright side of this situation is that your PVC repair will help prevent this problem from happening again.

Why PVC for Repairs?

PVC is a lightweight yet strong plastic that has been used in plumbing for the last 50 years. For homes built after the 1960s, PVC has been the preferred choice for indoor piping. It’s a simple material to work with and has been a top choice for DIY repairs and professional plumbers alike.

Recently, Plumbing Dynamics helped a client replace some corroded copper plumbing with PVC pipes that will provide a lasting repair, that won’t have to be touched again. Copper replacement for plumbing in kitchen sinks and other essential applications are one of the most common things that we do in Dallas.

PVC has quickly proven its worth in modern plumbing through several benefits that include:

  • Longer service life
  • Chemical resistance
  • Leak-free joints
  • Lower installation costs

Make the Right Pipe Decisions With Plumbing Dynamics

If you’ve recently experienced an emergency plumbing problem as a result of defective copper pipes, Plumbing Dynamics is here to help! Contact us today to get in touch with an expert plumber that will get your pipes flowing normally again!