Temporary DIY Plumbing Tips

Although initial plumbing problems are one of the most frustrating points in time for a homeowner, the real fear sets in as owners deal with the problem while waiting for a licensed plumber to help find a solution.

Fortunately, there are several temporary fixes a homeowner can do to mitigate water loss and damages between discovering the initial plumbing problem and a local plumber’s arrival.

Let’s look at some of the most common solutions to work toward if you know it’ll be a while until a plumber can get to your property.

Cut Off Water From Leaking Pipes

When you notice a pipe leak from your plumbing or hear the faithful sound of a connection bursting from your toilet, cutting off a pipe’s water supply is essential to water conservation. Most appliances have a shut-off valve close to where the plumbing and water supply are connected.

Turning a shut-off valve counterclockwise will prevent water from entering the home through the damaged pipes.

If you attempt this and water continues to flow, you will need to turn off the water to your entire home until your plumber arrives.

Clamp Up PVC Pipe Leaks

If your PVC pipes have physically burst but you still need access to water in the affected area of your home, it’s possible to apply a quick patch that should be functional until a plumber fixes the problem.

A pipe clamp or wrap placed around the leak should provide enough pressure to prevent water from continuously flowing outside of the pipe.

Temporary Patches for Cracked Porcelain

Although it’s well known that porcelain toilets and sinks can develop benign cracks, sometimes the damage occurs where an appliance holds large amounts of water. Even a hairline crack that exposes your home to water can lead to expensive damages that go beyond plumbing repairs.

Once you notice a leak, apply some plumber’s putty to the interior of the affected area until the crack is effectively sealed. This substance is waterproof and should hold up well until a plumber is able to issue an official repair. Remember, this patch is only temporary, and you’ll never want to rely on putty or caulk as a permanent solution to your porcelain problems.

“Flush” Faulty Hot Water Heaters

If your water heater is on the fritz, you likely have some sediment built up at the bottom of your tank. In order to make your plumber’s job easier, it can be helpful to flush the tank of all hot water before they arrive.

Simply turn off your hot water heater and let your hot water run for around 10 minutes or until all of the hot water is clear from the system. From there, it will be easy for your plumber to flush the water heater of any sediment and perform any necessary maintenance or repairs.

Experience Faster and Efficient Plumbing Repairs With Plumbing Dynamics

While these temporary solutions can be helpful, they are no substitute for a long-term and effective repair from a licensed plumber. At Plumbing Dynamics, we make it our priority to respond to every call we receive with the attention it deserves.

Trust us to move quickly and find affordable solutions to all of your plumbing problems. Don’t let a plumbing issue leave your home water damage.

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