Bathtub Plumbing Problems

The bathtub and shower in your bathroom are essential to keeping you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. However, if your tub starts to fill up without draining or simply won’t stay full for that desired bubble bath, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Not being able to properly relax and bathe because of bathtub plumbing problems can be a frustrating situation because it can be hard to diagnose. When you discover there’s a problem with your tub, getting the problem resolved quickly is your goal. Here are some of the main reasons for tub issues and how a licensed plumber can help your family bathe happily again.

Reasons Why Your Bathtub Won’t Drain

A bathtub that won’t drain quickly creates an unsanitary environment. If you notice a slow drain or standing water after your bath and showers, you need to address the problem before it becomes a health hazard. Knowing some of the reasons behind these issues can help you explain potential situations to your licensed plumber when they come out for a repair.

Your Stopper is Stuck

This is a common issue and can actually be solved on your own. The built-in stoppers for combo bathtub and showers can sometimes get stuck, preventing the flow of water. This can be a result of hair and debris around the stopper or because it’s been damaged in some way.

You should be able to pull out your stopper and clean it off, hopefully preventing further standing water that creates a bacterial breeding ground. If you find that the stopper is damaged and won’t hold up even after a cleaning, a plumber will be able to help you determine the next steps in a repair.

Clogs in the Drain

When you shower, the day’s worth of grime you’ve built up on your body gets washed down the drain. Add in some washed-out hair to the equation and you have the perfect mixture for a clogged drain.

Sure, you could use a snake in an attempt to clear out the clog but if the water is settling as well as it is in your tub, the chances are high you have a pretty deep-rooted problem. Even alien items that don’t come from your body can easily produce drain clogs. Be on the lookout for toiletry bottle caps and razor shields, because those items are the culprits of many stubborn clogs.

Signs of Deeper Tub Plumbing Issues

Sometimes, you can even discover your tub backs up without the help of a shower. If you notice that your bathtub backs up when you flush your toilet, something is definitely wrong. Since all of your bathroom plumbing is connected to the same sewer line, this is a sign that you have a clog in the line that should be considered a plumbing emergency. Be sure to fix your minor bathtub clog prior to it causing you to need a full sewer line repair. These clogs can be the result of many things including:

  • Tree Roots
  • Alien Items
  • Unflushable Products, and more!

Is Your Tub Causing You Troubles? Plumbing Dynamics can Help!

No one wants to have to scoop old water out of a shower or tub. If you have some severely clogged drains or other bathroom plumbing problems, Plumbing Dynamics has the experience to get your pipes properly flowing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for our services!