Slab Leak Detection in Carrollton

Local Plumbers Explain Slab Leak Detection

Some people may not be aware of the urgency to repair slab leaks, which happen under the foundation of a home. These may come from the little cracks in the water pipe beneath the slab of concrete, and these can lead to serious damage to your property. So as early as possible, it is crucial to hire local professional plumbers with expertise in slab leak detection.


Signs of a Slab Leak

Hot spots on the flooring

As you walk across a room and notice that there are some parts of the floor that are warmer, these may strongly indicate that there is a leak on the slab. When the hot water line has a leak, hot water will build up beneath the slab and will transfer moisture and heat into the nearby areas.

Sound of water running

When the faucet or shower is open, you may hear the sound of water running through the pipes. However, when the same sound is heard without anyone using it, this may be a sign of a leak and a sign you may need your plumbing checked.

Higher water bills

As you check your bills on a monthly basis, you may notice a sudden increase, which may indicate a leak.

Movement of water meter

If the water has not been used but there is movement in the water meter, then this may mean that there is a leak.

Standing water around the house

When there is slab leak, the water will eventually go somewhere. If there is a pool of water or mud somewhere around the house and there is no defective valve, then this shows that there is a leak.



Causes of a Slab Leak

Poor installation of piping

Piping may be forced into a position or it may have been damaged after it was installed.


Due to the constant change in temperature, a copper pipe contracts and expands. When it accidentally gets hit by a sharp object, it may eventually cut through the pipe.


Copper wires tend to deteriorate due to soil and water resulting to possible slab leaks.


As a house grows older, it may need some plumbing repairs, which may include replacement of the piping system.



Why Hire The Services of a Professional?

Locating a slab leak will require the services of a specialist. There is a certain type of equipment, which is used in tracing the piping under the slab. There is also another type of sensitive device that is used in listening to the pipes. A professional will be able to determine the leak plus the source and destination of the pipe that is leaking. Even without undergoing a complete process of leak detection, a knowledgeable Carrollton plumber can tell the difference between a leaking slab and running water from a toilet or washing machine.


Contact Plumbing Dynamics in Carrollton

There are signs that show the presence of a slab leak. However, to make sure your suspicion is valid, it is crucial to  contact Plumbing Dynamics plumbers  since we are the experts in slab leak detection and we  are equipped with the right tools to determine and address this kind of leak.

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