Shower Repair & Replacement

Everyone knows that the shower is one of the most important aspects of a home. However, sometimes through age or for no apparent reason, our showers can begin to leak or stop working due to many different reasons such as freezing pipes.


A shower leak is not only an annoyance but can cause your water bill to skyrocket in a short amount of time. When looking to resolve a leaking shower, turn to professional plumbing service. A Carrollton plumber can find the root of your leaking shower and can repair and replace your valves as needed.


Plumber for Shower Valve Repair

Many homeowners may think that they can easily repair a shower valve on their own. However, DIY plumbing jobs do not always end as planned and could end up costing an owner more than simply hiring a plumber to get the job done right the first time.


It is important that you solve your leaking valve quickly because excess water will eventually begin to cause damage to your home, Remember, the growth of mold caused by wet pet hair, and ignored leaking valves costs more than the valve fix itself.


Household plumbing can be a complex issue and it takes the expertise of a Carrollton plumber to effectively find the source of a problem. Through the use of our specific tools, we will be able to identify the location of your leak and restore normal use of your shower through effective and swift repairs.

A slow-draining shower is usually due to a clog in the pipes. Over time, hair, dirt, and soap build-up will accumulate in a shower drain. This issue is even more common for those with long hair since the length prevents water and debris from draining completely.

In other cases, a clogged vent pipe may be to blame. Because vent pipes open up at the rooftop, they may become clogged by sticks and leaves over time. While this is a less common cause of slow shower drains, our plumber can determine if this is the issue after snaking the drain.

There are several common signs that your shower may need repair. First, if your pipes start knocking when you turn the shower on, you may have a valve problem or loose support straps. Second, if you have very low water pressure, you may have a burst pipe leaking somewhere. Third, if your showerhead is continuously dripping, extra water may not be draining correctly, or your water pressure needs adjusting. Fourth, if you have a slow drain that doesn’t get better after using a pipe snake, you may have water pooling in the drain or a broken pipe. Finally, if your water is not staying heated or is a strange color, it needs immediate repair, and you should call a plumber.

A faucet valve stem issue or the valve cartridge often causes showerhead leaks. This task can be challenging, so it’s best to contact our professional plumbers who knows what to do and how to do it correctly.

You may need to inspect your shower valve if you cannot receive hot water in your shower. For example, an O-ring or a washer may have worn out and needs replacing, or you may need to open a partially closed valve.

Several issues may cause poor water pressure. For example, there may be a clog in the showerhead, or you may have a low-flow model. If it’s clogged, it’s likely due to mineral build-up. If the faucet is a single-handle type, the internal mixing valve may need a replacement. Another common cause is a faulty water pressure regulator.

There are many valves located throughout your plumbing system. If one of them is closed, you may experience a change in your water pressure. If you experience a change in water pressure only when you use hot water, your water heater may be to blame. Additionally, if your home has old pipes, they may corrode and leak, leading to water pressure issues.

If you are experiencing water pressure issues, your water heater is sweating, you have no hot water, your drains aren’t draining, or you can’t stop your leaking faucet, you need to reach out to a professional plumber.

To fix a loose shower tile, you need first to remove the tile so you can replace the adhesive. First, cut out the grout using a utility knife. Then, loosen and remove the tile using a hammer and a chisel. Next, use a chisel or a screwdriver to chip away old grout from tiles. Then apply a layer of your new glue to the wall with a trowel. Remember to apply a layer to the back of your tile as well. Press it into place and allow it to set. Then, mix your new grout and place it into the lines around your tile.

Yes, you can usually fix cracks in the floor by using a shower pan repair kit. These kits are suitable for cracks caused by a lack of support between the shower and the wall. A paste kit works well if the crack is minor and not caused by support issues.

You can clean mold from your grout using household bleach and a spritz bottle. Fill the bottle and spray it on the grout, allowing it to sit for a few minutes. You may need to reapply depending on how moldy the grout is. While you can usually clean moldy grout, you may need to replace it if the mold is significant. In addition, worn-out shower seals increase mold growth, so ensure you inspect your shower seals for cracks or openings.

If a shower valve is damaged it must be replaced to prevent a complete leak. In these cases, it is vital to call a professional plumber immediately.

Remodel My Shower

In addition to shower repair, we can also help you bring your vision of a new, luxury shower to life with our bathroom remodeling. Sometimes, the repairs are just too costly that you might as well replace the whole shower. We can help you do just that. Find out more about our bathroom remodels.

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