Kitchen Remodel


Your kitchen is the most popular room in your house! Memories are made, traditional casseroles are baked, families and guests gather to munch!

Kitchen decor trends change so often that your kitchen probably needs an updated look or additional functionality to optimize the space. Whether you are completing a full kitchen remodel or replacing old kitchen appliances, Plumbing Dynamics can make your kitchen remodel a success!


Dallas Kitchen Remodeling Services


Our remodeling services in Dallas cover the essentials you’ll need for a gorgeous, upgraded kitchen. Our team is composed of contractors and interior designers with the experience to cover every aspect of your remodel. In fact, when you hire Plumbing Dynamics for your kitchen remodel, you receive a complimentary interior design consultation.

Contractors remodeling kitchenThere are many decisions involved in a kitchen remodel including the selection of stove, cooktops, kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring or faucets. The insight and support from your design consultant is paramount in order to meet your budget but also the needs of your family and how functional the space has to be.

Here are the many services that your Plumbing Dynamics design consultant can guide you through during your kitchen remodel.

Framing and Plumbing

The foundation of your new kitchen consists of its plumbing and the walls. During a remodel, we can designate certain walls or columns that obstruct the space. During demo day, contractors knock down those walls to rebuild a more functional, spacious kitchen mindful of existing plumbing and pipe systems within the room. Our design consultant will help you select new kitchen accents like light fixtures or faucets and ensure all plumbing is up-to-date for years to come.

Custom Window Installation

Your design consultant may encourage you to install custom windows that increase the natural light flooding into your kitchen to create a bright and airy space. More natural light means less electricity and lower energy bills. New kitchen windows are well-insulated and contain several energy-efficient features.

Sink Installation

Your kitchen sink is, by far, the most used appliance in your house. We’re seeing many Dallas homeowners opt for quartz countertops with an integrated sink that eliminates any rim or separation between the two. It’s a very contemporary look on par with the other Dallas favorite: a porcelain farmhouse sink.

With your complimentary kitchen design consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to review many sink and counter styles to find one that suits your taste and your needs.

Backsplash TilingKitchen Backsplash Tiles Being Added

Backsplash tiling is the best way to add flair and personal expression to your kitchen. It also dramatically increases your property value.

Our customers opt for backsplash tiling to enhance the overall kitchen decor but also to protect their kitchen from moisture. Further, backsplashes are notoriously easy to clean for homeowners.


We can help you filter through an assortment of kitchen flooring types to select the best option for your kitchen remodel’s ultimate finishing touch. From hardwood flooring, vinyl and laminate to ceramic flooring, the material you choose depends upon durability, your style, maintenance, and of course your kitchen renovation budget.

Countertop and Cabinet Installation

Kitchen cabinets and countertops are one of the most important decisions of a kitchen remodel. The array of cabinet styles and countertop materials is downright overwhelming. Our designer will help you determine if your style is contemporary, modern, rustic, french country, retro or farmhouse country.

Your style and budget will largely dictate your cabinets and counters. Granite and quartz are timeless classic counter choices, but you may also find that an epoxied color and coat over your existing counters may work just fine for your needs.

Schedule Your Kitchen Remodel with Plumbing Dynamics Today

If your kitchen looks outdated, has older appliances, or just isn’t as functional of a space as your family needs, it’s time to consider a remodel.

The design and remodeling team at Plumbing Dynamics can walk you through the entire remodeling process, from initial design to final touch ups. We are your one-stop-shop for kitchen remodels and appliance installation.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and schedule your in-home kitchen remodel consultation.