Hot Water Heater Maintenance and Tankless Water Heaters


An old, broken-down water heater can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. Having to replace or repair your water heater can be annoying, and having to shell out money for a new one is even worst. But a household crisis can also be an opportunity. An opportunity, that is, to modernize your home by upgrading to a tankless water heater.


Tankless heaters have a lot of advantages over traditional tank heaters, which is why so many homeowners are making the switch. Here are just a few reasons our plumbers urge you to upgrade:


Tankless Water Heaters Last Longer


Corrosion, mineral build-up, and leakage are just some of the many problems that plague old-school tank water heaters. Depending on your unique circumstances and the quality of the tank you buy, a traditional hot water heater will need regular maintenance and can die after only a decade or less. Tankless models will last up to 20 years with far less maintenance.


It doesn’t have to be flushed regularly to avoid mineral deposits. And they won’t ever burst or leak, because there is no tank. Tankless water heaters can also be installed on the outside of your home for easier water heater maintenance and repair.


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