Garbage Disposal Repair And Replacement


Many older homes in Texas were built with the inclusion of a garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal is useful to get rid of excess food waste left on dishes after a meal. Every disposal unit will need some type of maintenance.


Hiring a local plumber for garbage disposal repair and replacement helps to extend the life of the unit and guarantees reliable operation.


Most Common Garbage Disposal Problems


There are many parts that configure a garbage disposal, including metals that are not resistant to corrosion. One of the most common problems we see in broken garbage disposals is related to that corrosion on the blades that are used to reduce the size of food waste.


Food that is too large clogs the drain and essentially paralyzes the garbage disposal. Attempting DIY fixes is not recommended when working with your drains or garbage disposal. A licensed plumber should always diagnose the problem to ensure the best solution is applied.


The disposal blades are operated by an electric motor. The motor likely has a fuse built in that can be reset after a power outage or sudden surge of electricity. A garbage disposal repairman can evaluate the fuse and test the reset switch. If the garbage disposal does not turn on, the problem is likely with the motor that will need to be replaced.


A big contributor to the malfunction of a disposal unit is misuse. It can be easy to forget that a garbage disposal cannot successfully remove certain types of solids. Heavy items like husks from corn, peels from an onion, paper towels, and metal objects can quickly cause odor or ruin the disposal unit. A thorough inspection by a plumber can locate the source of the problem and teach proper use after a new installation.


Signs of a Serious Issue with your Garbage Disposal


A drain clog in the kitchen could be the sign of a more serious issue. It can be that the drain from your disposal unit could be clogged as well as the main pipe exiting from your home. A disposal repair and replacement specialist uses the right tools and can clear a clog in your drains to restore service to your garbage disposal. When these more serious issues arise, call Plumbing Dynamics right away. We will resolve the problem quickly and painlessly.