4 Summer Problems You Can Avoid With a Plumbing Inspection

Summer is here, and the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with a common summer plumbing issue. Fortunately, when you schedule a summer plumbing inspection, problems are caught early, and the repairs aren’t as financially draining as they would be if ignored throughout the season.

From using bathroom appliances more often than usual to leaks that could cost you in the long term, there are several plumbing issues a plumber can catch in an inspection.

Here’s a look at the top 4 issues we see every summer.

Sewage Line Clogs

Texas is notorious for its spring showers. While rain is always welcome, it can cause a problem within your sewage system.

As rain builds up in your yard, it slowly sinks into your system, bringing natural sediments. Over time, these sediments can create sewer line clogs that leave your line ultimately backed up.

If you notice your yard is flooded, your drains are emptying out a little slower, or your toilet keeps backing up, these are signs that you have a sewage line problem. Letting your plumber know about the symptoms can lead them directly to the issue before it becomes a real problem later in the summer.

Damaged Shower Fixtures

You probably already know that sediment can build up in your shower fixtures and reduce their effectiveness over time. If you decide to “live” with lower water pressure, you’re only placing more stress on your plumbing.

Scheduling an inspection and catching clogged shower fixtures early can clear them out and prevent future water leaks from the faceplate of your fixture, or worse, the fixture’s pipe.

Toilet Problems

Like showers, people tend to use their toilets more in the summer months. While issues like clogs from incorrect items flushed down the toilet are a common problem, we’re here to discuss sneaky leaks.

With frequent use, small leaks that may have been insignificant before the summer can become a slippery problem as the weather heats up. A plumbing inspection can sniff out small toilet leaks and get them patched up before they can start saturating your bathroom floor with water after every flush.

Low Sprinkler Pressure

You don’t want your lawn to suffer heat stress. So, it only makes sense that you’ll have your sprinklers running a lot in the upcoming season. It’s easy for sprinkler heads to get clogged, and plumbing issues lead to low water pressure that you may not find until too late.

A pre-summer plumbing inspection can help prevent any sprinkler problems and ensure your lawn gets the water it needs to survive the summer.

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Plumbing problems can quickly turn a fun summer into an expensive one. Take a proactive approach with Plumbing Dynamics and schedule your annual inspection before the heat kicks in.

Our licensed plumbers can quickly uncover any plumbing issues and offer you a long-term, affordable solution.

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