Old rusted pipes

Many people love to have an old-timey aesthetic to their house. Some even go so far as to pick homes built 100 years ago to ensure they achieve a classic look for their house.


While the look and feel of an older home may be welcoming, the truth is that several of these homes come with old galvanized steel or copper pipes. As these pipes age, they can cause a world of plumbing trouble for an owner.


Let the Dallas plumbing experts explain why you should always replace old pipes when investing in a historic home.


Time to Replace Your Plumbing?


Many red flags indicate it’s time to replace your plumbing. Here are top three signs to look out for.


#1 Low Water Pressure

While low water pressure can easily be a sign of a malfunctioning hot water heater.


However, it’s always best to check that it isn’t your pipes because steel is notorious for rusting up and forming intense clogs that turn your shower into a trickle.


#2 Leaky Pipes

Leaky or burst pipes are the biggest sign it’s time for a change. Once one old pipe starts leaking, it’s safe to say the rest of the system is not far behind.


#3 Discolored Water

Your water shouldn’t look brown, red, or orange. If it does, this means your pipes are loaded with rust and corrosion and need to be replaced.



What Are Common Pipe Replacements?


New plumbing means replacing your pipes with new materials. Galvanized steel and copper are pipes of the past.


When replacing your pipes most plumbers will choose between two options:


  1. PVC – An affordable pipe available in various shapes and sizes. It holds up well against hot and cold water
  2. PEX – Flexible pipes that are easy to install and don’t require glue like PVC. They are also corrosion-resistant.



What Are the Benefits of Replacing Old Pipes?


Replacing old plumbing pipes can have some extremely valuable benefits to homeowners. Let’s examine why you should always remove old plumbing as a preventative measure for an older home.


New Pipes Improve Plumbing Efficiency

As we mentioned before, old-school plumbing can rust up and degrade the efficiency of your plumbing system. Adding new pipes within your home can increase your property’s water flow and help save money against hidden leaks.


Home Safety

Plumbing leaks from older pipes can lead to mold and mildew infestations that present a health threat to your home. If you replace your old copper pipes the moment you move into a “new to you” home, you’re adding some extra safety to your home that could rear its ugly head once it’s too late to handle it without a financial strain.


Your Plumbing Has an Extended Lifespan

When you invest in pipe replacement, as long as you perform regular maintenance on it, you’re extending your plumbing’s lifespan by 50 years for PEX piping and 100 years for PVC.



What are the Risks Replacing Old Plumbing?


As with all services and products, there is always the potential for downsides. At Plumbing Dynamics, we believe that honesty is the ultimate form of customer service. So, let’s explore the possible negatives of replacing your home’s old plumbing.


Possible Lawn Damage

Sometimes your home’s old plumbing problems can weave their way into your sewer line, causing plumbing issues. It’s imperative to your water bill and comfort that you handle sewer line repairs as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, when a problem comes down to sewer line repair, the entire line usually needs replacement. Trenching is the most common form of replacement that could take its toll on your lawn.


It Can Seem Like an Expensive Job

An extensive plumbing replacement can cost an owner up to $15,000, The higher price point of replacement is often what keeps owners away from following through. 


While upfront costs are real, your new plumbing actually saves you money in the long run. So, we say invest now and avoid years of repeat repairs that are extremely expensive in the big picture. 


Replace Your Old Plumbing Today with Plumbing Dynamics


If your home’s old copper pipes are causing you plumbing problems, it’s time to reach out to a professional before it’s too late and you have a pipe burst on your property.


The licensed plumbers of Plumbing Dynamics can help you take control of your plumbing problems at a great rate and with effective solutions.


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