Man cleans up flooded washing machine

Your washing machine is one of the most essential items in your household. It cleans your clothing and bedding and keeps your family feeling fresh.

Unfortunately, your washing machine has a shelf life and will eventually require repairs and a replacement.

Most washing machines last approximately 14 years. You may be starting to fear that the lifespan of your washer is nearing its end. If it starts giving you trouble, contact a licensed plumber in Dallas to determine if repairing it or buying a new one is your best option.

Signs Your Washing Machine is Having Trouble

There are many different signs that your washing machine is not doing its job correctly. If you notice some of the following red flags, they are key indicators that it’s time to reach out to a local plumber for help.

Clothes Do Not Look as Bright

Eventually, your clothes will fade wash after wash. However, when you’ve washed your clothes the same way you have done it 1,000 times, but your clothes do not look as clean, it’s a sign that your washing machine is ready to start heading out the door.

Clothes Do Not Come Out as Dry

Your washing machine should be spinning out most of the water in the clothes, but they are coming out damper than before. If you notice that you have to wring out water from your clothes before putting them in the dryer, either you’ve overloaded your washing machine, or it simply isn’t spinning properly.

Unusual Noises and Functioning

Washing machine manufacturers design them to operate relatively quietly, but yours keeps making weird squeaks.

Also, if your washing machine tries to walk, you’ve got a problem. The washer should stay in one place, but this problem indicates an overloaded or unbalanced unit.

Don’t Forget Common Maintenance for Washing Machines

While many people have a plumber in Dallas hook up their washers, they may not follow through with any maintenance. This mistake may cause your washing machine to wear out faster and lead to a premature replacement and plumbing problems like hose leaks.

Some of the easiest ways to ensure your washing machine remains maintained are to check the unit’s hoses for damage and wear regularly, confirm a level operating space for the unit, check the drip pan for water leaks once a month, and make minor parts replacements and repairs when necessary.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Washing Machine

While you want to hire a plumber to regularly perform routine maintenance on your washing machine, it will eventually need to be replaced.

If you are spending more on repairs than the washer’s value, it is time to consider a new one. Other times you may want to buy a new washer include when the washing machine leaks, throws code errors repeatedly, moves excessively, refuses to fill, or creates loud noises throughout the cleaning process.

How Can a Licensed Plumber Solve Your Washing Machine Problems?

From effective installations to helping replace hoses that have worn thin over time or been damaged by rodents, a plumber can help ensure that your washing machine functions properly and prevents water damage and m throughout your home.

If you start to notice your washing machine displaying signs of plumbing issues like an overflowing drip pan or a leak, never let them go unresolved. Even smaller issues in washing machines can point to larger plumbing problems like a clogged sewer line.

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