We don’t have to tell you how much it rained in North Texas in May: NOAA reports that the Dallas-Fort Worth region received a whopping 16.96 inches of rain in May, far above the 3.40 inches our region received in May 2014.

Leaky slab groundwater

Lots of rain in May led to flooding as well as a rise in groundwater, which could lead to leaks in piping under your home’s foundation.

.North Texas’ groundwater levels have been low the last few years due to the drought but the recent massive storms have helped raise those levels. Higher groundwater levels possibly could lead to leaks in pipes located below your home’s foundation slab.

How? Groundwater in soil that has been saturated by excessive rains could be pushed into your slab via hydrostatic pressure. That pressure could cause pipes to leak or even break.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know when these types of leaks have occurred and they often go undetected until you notice dampness on your home’s first floor floor or, if you have a basement, it basement floods!

Aside from the major annoyance of repairing or replacing any carpeting, furniture or prized possessions due to water damage, slab leaks can lead to major damage to your home and even its foundation.

Some additional signs of a slab leak include:

  • The sound of water running under your basement or first floor.
  • You may feel warm or even “hot” spots under the floor as you walk across it. This is a very good indication of a hot-water leak under the slab.
  • Your water bill goes up considerably. This often is a sign of a water leak.
  • You check your water meter at a certain time, make sure no one uses any water for half an hour or so and when you check the meter again, you notice it’s moved – water is running/leaking somewhere.
  • You notice a pool of water or even mud on the first or basement floor of your home.
  • Your first floor or basement floods for no “apparent” reason.

If you suspect your foundation slab may have a water leak under it, you must contact an experienced slab leak detection and repair plumbing company such as Plumbing Dynamics. Give us a call at 214-929-3431.

Image courtesy of jiggoja/FreeDigitalPhotos.net