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Any Dallas plumber knows that North Texas properties are a prime target for the dreaded slab leak.

If undetected and left to fester, a slab leak can wreak havoc on a home and present real danger to those living there.

While you may be able to see some of the symptoms of a slab leak, you should consult a licensed, trained plumber for an accurate slab leak detection and viable solution.

Let’s examine slab leaks, why they occur, and why you need a plumber specializing in slab leak detection to help solve your underground plumbing problem.

What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak develops when the pipes beneath your home’s foundation develop holes and cracks. As we mentioned earlier, homes in North Texas are especially prone to slab leaks due to naturally acidic clay soil.

Older homes with cast iron plumbing beneath the ground are at higher risk of a slab leak because the soil’s acidity will eventually eat at the iron and create holes and cracks over time.

Aside from soil integrity, slab leaks also stem from previous foundation repairs, home remodels, or leaking water heaters.

Signs Your Home Has a Slab Leak

One of the easiest ways to determine that your home may have a slab leak is by looking at your water bill. If you notice you’re paying higher bills over the months when your water usage isn’t on par with the charges, you may have a slab leak on your hands.

If you suspect a slab leak, we suggest walking around your home and inspecting the floors. If you discover unnatural warm spots or buckling, this clearly indicates a slab leak problem.

Other general slab leak signs can include muddy ground outside your home, hissing noises from below the ground, a water meter that’s always running, or a significant foundation movement.

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How Do Plumbers Locate Slab Leaks?

If you believe you have a slab leak under your home, the time to act is now. Unfortunately, unless you’re a licensed plumber specializing in slab leak detection, it will be very difficult to locate the root of your slab leak.

Ground Microphones and Acoustic Discs

Slab leaks occur beneath thick layers of concrete. So, it can be nearly impossible to hear running water below ground with the naked ear.

Plumbers with expertise in slab leak detection will have ground microphones available that allow them to listen out for leaks and accurately pinpoint where they’ll have to start repairs.

Pressure Sensors

When water leaks from a pipe, the pressure within that pipe and the surrounding area shifts. Pressure sensors can help plumbers detect temperatures and pressure changes within a foundation. Locating this pressure shift allows plumbers to find the source of your slab leak without unnecessary digging.

Pipe Cameras

Video pipe cameras are one of the most accurate tools for slab leak detection. Using a combination of fiber optic cables and a monitor, a plumber can see your pipes’ interior and locate a slab leak as the camera travels through your system.

Prioritize Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks aren’t just an inconvenience that runs up your water bill. They present a clear and present danger to your home and your family living within it. It doesn’t take long for a slab leak to have a negative impact on your home.

As water leaks underground, it has nowhere to go but up. Some of the first damage you’ll notice is waterlogged carpet or wood flooring. Once this happens, not only are your floors damaged, but the moisture they exude will create a musty smell in your home that eventually leads to mold and mildew growth on the property.

Worst of all, undetected slab leaks can result in a compromised foundation, leading to cracks and extremely expensive repairs.

So, once you think you have a slab leak on your property, it’s always best to reach out to a plumber specializing in detection and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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