Local Licensed Plumber Insulating Pipes For Fall And Winter

Although it may not seem like it right now, eventually the weather in Texas will begin to cool down. Before an unexpected cold snap strikes this winter, you’ll want to make sure that your home is ready for anything.

Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves scrambling when winter arrives and often end up with severe plumbing problems. One way to remedy an expensive plumbing bill at the end of the year is to take advantage of the lukewarm weather that fall brings.

Here are some steps you can take in the fall to prepare your plumbing for the remaining seasons of the year.

Insulate Your Pipes

Many people wait until that first freeze is upon us to go through and insulate the pipes in their homes. Some people even forget the process altogether and end up with a burst pipe and thousands of dollars wasted in water bills and plumbing repairs.

Fortunately, pipe insulation is an easy DIY plumbing job that you can perform during the fall. Early insulation won’t hurt your plumbing. 

So we say head out to the hardware store, buy some self-adhesive insulation and make protecting your plumbing a weekend project that saves you money in the end.

Maintain Your Outdoor Hoses and Faucets

Once fall rolls around, you’re likely not going to be drenching your lawn with your garden hose. So, disconnect the hose from your exterior faucet until you need it. This will help reduce the risk of excess water bursting in your hose and faucets when the weather actually does dip.

Once you’ve disconnected your hose, check your faucet for any leaks. If you find a drip you can’t seal, reach out to a licensed plumber that can help you take preventative measures against an impending plumbing emergency.

Perform a Water Heater Inspection

Water heater maintenance is important for easy access to hot water during colder seasons. However, the average homeowner may not know what to look for aside from puddles and rust. 

Hiring a plumber to perform a water heater inspection can help meet the following maintenance needs:

  • Pressure relief valve checks
  • Draining sediment from your water heater’s tank
  • Identification of scale and other signs of deterioration

Check for Leaks in Your Home

You never want to let even the smallest leak continuously drip in your home. Not only is that money wasted, but it can easily lead to bigger problems that are much harder to resolve.

While you perform other fall checkups and maintenance, try to locate and repair any leaks that may be costing your household extra money each month.

Seal Any Gaps in Your Home

Areas where pipes enter your home can create gaps that welcome in cool weather. These gaps waste your energy and are usually the root cause of frozen and burst pipes. 

Take advantage of the cooler weather, hunt down gaps around your plumbing, and caulk them up. Trust us, this will be a lifesaver when a cold snap hits.

Schedule Efficient Fall Plumbing Services With Plumbing Dynamics

Handling the ins and outs of fall plumbing preparations can be time-consuming. Lack of time is one of the biggest reasons why people fail to maintain their plumbing until it’s too late and an emergency strikes.

The team of experts at Plumbing Dynamics can help you prepare for cooler weather without taking up too much of your time or your budget. Contact us to schedule a plumbing inspection and find out how we can ensure your plumbing flows smoothly year-round.