Prepare Plumbing for Cooler Weather

After a hot summer, it’s time to enjoy the cooler seasons the state of Texas has to offer us. While this is a time to start preparing for major holiday gatherings, it’s also a good idea to start thinking about scheduling plumbing services to ensure your pipes are ready for the long winter ahead.

While you plan an end of the year inspection, take these extra steps to guarantee your home’s plumbing will have a happy send-off of 2019.

Protect Your Outdoor Plumbing Disconnect Your Water Hoses

Even though you may still water your lawn in the fall, it’s best to start practicing disconnecting your hoses from outdoor faucets. The plumbing danger of leaving hoses connected during the winter is that water left inside the hose can freeze and expand.

This expansion can cause your hose to become ruined and split. Even worse, water that backs up and makes its way into your pipes can freeze and cause an expensive and inconvenient pipe burst.

Check Outdoor Faucets for Leaks

Outdoor faucets are prone to leaking. Before it gets too cold, take a trip around the exterior of your home and check your outdoor faucets for leaks. Catching a spigot leak before the weather really gets cold can save you a lot of trouble.

Many outdoor faucet leaks stem from larger problems like damaged sewer lines or a deteriorating roof. The source can be difficult to find; so discovering the problem now allows you the time to track down and repair the problem, avoiding a plumbing emergency pipe burst when the weather freezes.

Order Preventative Maintenance on Your Sewer System

Spring and summer seasons can really keep your sewer system busy. After this busy time of the year and before family gatherings create even more stress on your system, it’s a good time to schedule preventative sewer line maintenance. This is especially helpful if you already know you’ve had sewer line problems during the previous fall and winter seasons.

Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

Your water heater will typically last you a decade or so. We recommend getting your hot water heater serviced with us at least once a year, and the fall is the perfect time to do so. Keep your hot water flowing freely this season and let us help you make sure your water heater is on the up and up!

Clear Out Your Gutters

While this doesn’t directly impact your pipes, failing to clean out your gutters throughout the fall can eventually lead to roof damage, which in turn can lead to necessary plumbing repairs. The last thing your home needs is water to freeze up in your gutters and fail to properly thaw out and drain. Once you notice the leaves starting to fall, make an effort at least once a week to clear out your gutters with a gutter shovel or similar tool.

Need to Schedule Maintenance Before Fall? Plumbing Dynamics can Help!

If you’ve checked out your plumbing and realized you need some repairs done before winter hits, don’t let your issue become a plumbing emergency! Plumbing Dynamics is always ready to offer you efficient repairs at a fair rate. Trust us to keep your plumbing running smoothly into the holiday rush. Contact us today to schedule your repair or inspection!