Toilet Plunger is essential plumbing tool

Imagine you’re working from home in earshot of the kitchen. You’re typing away and, over the sound of your keys clicking, you hear it….the sound of spewing water coming from beneath your sink. You go over to check.  Sure enough, you have a minor plumbing emergency on your hands as you realize your hot water hose has a puncture.

Plumbing emergencies like this can strike at any time. Sometimes you may have to get down and do a little plumbing work to get the problem under control before a plumber arrives.

Having the right plumbing tools on hand can make all the difference in the severity of your situation. While our plumbers are always available, we also think it’s important to have the following plumbing tools in your possession to help you handle minor plumbing issues or the beginning steps of an emergency repair.


Most everyone has a plunger. It’s a household staple for good reason. This handy plumbing tool is perfect for clearing out pesky clogs in toilets and sinks. The suction plungers create dislodges blockages and lets your water flow freely again.

While plungers are inexpensive and easy to use, it’s important to remember that not all are created equal. There are specific plungers for toilets and sinks. To make sure you get the job done right, do your research and purchase one of each.

Pipe Wrench

If one of the connections in your plumbing is slightly loose, a pipe wrench can help you tighten up your fittings. This tool is useful for metal pipes that require a lot of torque for proper security.

While this is an essential plumbing tool, we suggest only using it if you feel comfortable or have some plumbing experience.

You don’t want to twist the wrong fitting and end up with a bigger plumbing mess than you already have.

Adjustable Wrench

If you have a toolbox at home, you probably already know that an adjustable wrench is a versatile tool that you can use to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts of various sizes.

Many plumbing fixtures require smaller, more precise tools than a standard pipe wrench, and in a pinch, your adjustable wrench could push the pause button on a big problem.

Remember, adjustable wrenches come in a range of sizes, so always make sure you have the right size tool for the job. If you don’t, make sure you have a licensed plumber on stand-by that can step in and help.

Teflon Tape

Also known as plumber’s tape, Teflon tape is a thin, white tape that can seal pipe threads. It’s especially useful for creating a watertight seal that ensures threaded connections don’t leak.

It’s easy to find, is inexpensive, and can stop a leak while you wait for a plumber to come in and create a long-term solution.

We say it’s a must-have for any homeowner’s toolbox.

Drain Snake

Drain snakes are a long, flexible tool that you can use to clear minor clogs in your drains and pipes. It’s a better solution than chemical drain cleaners that can damage your plumbing in the long term, and can be useful for clogs that are too stubborn for the plunger.

Drain snakes come in a range of sizes and shapes. So, as always, research and make sure you have the right size for the job. When in doubt, we suggest buying inexpensive disposable snakes online, clearing out the clog to the best of your ability, and calling a plumber for assistance.

When to Call a Plumber

If you have the plumbing tools we discussed above and still can’t get your plumbing problem under control, the team at Plumbing Dynamics can help.

We are licensed plumbers that have seen it all and can fix most plumbing issues, from standard clogs to full-blown emergencies.

Need your plumbing fixed at a great rate? Reach out today to schedule your consultation.