Plumbing Problems After Foundation Damage

Foundation trouble is a common occurrence with Texas homeowners. Sometimes the damage is so severe that a large repair or replacement is the only viable solution.

While most people know that a foundation problem is dangerous for the structure of a home, it can also be a real weight on your general plumbing. Keep in mind that the pipes providing water to your home run deep underground and into the house. This is the same underground area that is the cause of your foundation problems.

After your foundation has been repaired, make sure to think about these reminders pointing to the fact that there could be a potential water leak or similar plumbing repair in your near future.

A Fixed Foundation is a Cover Up for Broken Plumbing

Even though your foundation may be repaired or replaced, this improvement can merely be a mask covering up some unknown plumbing damages beneath it. In some instances, foundation repair can actually help plumbing issues repair themselves.

However, in most cases, the plumbing damage is something that had already existed and could have been the cause for your foundation problems. Our recommendation is before you even reach out for foundation repair, you should hire a local plumber to come out and inspect your home for any potential plumbing repairs that need to be made before the foundation work begins.

Keep Tabs on Your Water Bill

After your foundation replacement, make sure to keep in mind that damage to your plumbing may have inadvertently occurred during the work. In order to keep tabs on the wellness of your plumbing, you will want to monitor two things:

  1. Your water bill
  2. Your water meter

When looking at your bill, if you notice any major spikes in your payments in comparison to pre-foundation repair, you may have a plumbing issue that an emergency plumber can help you resolve.

Also, if you go out to your water meter and notice that it seems to be spinning out of control, it may be time to think about a local plumber.

Look For Pressure Irregularities

One key sign of plumbing problems is a sudden drop in your water pressure. Usually, a drop in water pressure means that there may be a leak somewhere in your system. While this may not directly be related to your foundation repair, if the problem occurs after your service, then the connection could definitely be there.

If the pressure drop is limited to only one area of the house, like the kitchen or bathroom sink, then the fix may be something simple to locate. However, if you find a sudden drop in pressure throughout your home, this is a more difficult source to pinpoint and a professional plumber will be able to target your problem.

Plumbing Dynamics Keeps Your Plumbing in Top Shape!

Making sure that your plumbing doesn’t develop any problems after any home improvements is essential to enjoying the work that you put into your home. If you are noticing any leaks or other issues with your plumbing don’t let your problems get any worse. Contact Plumbing Dynamics today to find out more about the services that we offer in your area.