Plumbing Inspection in Dallas-Fort Worth Springtime Plumbing Maintenance Tips

At the beginning of spring, we like to go over the  most essential plumbing maintenance and repairs for our customers.

While most people are familiar with checking your hot water heater and looking out for pipe leaks below your sinks, there are several other smaller spring cleaning items that can be an asset to the longevity and functionality of your essential plumbing systems.

Let’s roll up our sleeves, pull out our cleaning supplies, and get started on these new spring cleaning plumbing tips for 2023!

Clean and Inspect Your Toilet

A clean toilet isn’t just sanitary for those that use it, but it also keeps your plumbing clear and flushes strong.

Some tips we have that can keep your toilet in working order include:

  • Power flushing the toilet by pouring down a bucket of water from time to time
  • Plunging the toilet even when it isn’t clogged (this encourages easier water flow and clearer plumbing)
  • Clean out the inside of your toilet tank while inspecting for damaged valves, floats, and gaskets

If you discover a leak or issue with your toilet, a licensed plumber can come out to your property and ensure the problem is quickly resolved.

Clear Out Sink and Tub Overflows

Overflow holes and grates in your tubs and sinks are there to prevent water from overflowing and creating slippery hazards.

However, over time, your overflow holes can also clog up and begin to fail. So, during your spring cleaning, test out your overflow holes. If they aren’t draining properly, there is, fortunately, a quick solution that should keep your plumbing flowing smoothly:

  1. Invest in a plastic funnel or tube
  2. Connect the funnel to the hole and pour down a cup of baking powder
  3. Follow this pour up with a cup of white vinegar
  4. Wait 15 minutes
  5. Pour down 2 cups of boiling water

This process should not only clear out your clogs but will also strip away the smelly residue that can easily build up in this area of your plumbing.

Scrub Away Mineral Buildup On Shower Heads

Mineral buildup on your shower head can lead to low water pressure and the complete stoppage of water supply to a showerhead. Fortunately, this fix shouldn’t require too much effort beyond some white vinegar and elbow grease.

Soak your affected showerhead overnight in the vinegar. Then in the morning, take a new toothbrush and scrub away the buildup from your appliance. From there, you should have a functional showerhead. If not, it’s time to reach out to a local plumber.

Schedule a General Plumbing Inspection

After you’ve accomplished the preliminary cleaning we’ve described above, it’s always best to schedule a comprehensive plumbing inspection. Even if you’ve found that nothing is wrong with your plumbing, this can be a great opportunity for a professional hot water heater to flush or to catch early plumbing issues before they become problems.

Preventative plumbing inspections can truly help you feel at ease with your plumbing as we head deeper into the warmer months of Texas.

Cover Your Plumbing Needs This Spring With Plumbing Dynamics

If you have gone through your plumbing spring cleaning and still find that you have plumbing problems, it’s time to reach out to the experts at Plumbing Dynamics!

From heavy clogs to underground line repairs, our team of experienced plumbers can resolve your plumbing problems at the most competitive rates in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation with one of our licensed plumbers.