If you have a plumbing problem and are planning to call a plumber, there is some information you should be prepared to give him to help the job go more smoothly.

Whether you have a problem with your tankless water heater or a leaking shower, there are some things your plumber will need to know.

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Provide Background Information About Your Plumbing Problem

Any background information you can provide will help your plumber to better do his job. Is this a new problem or an ongoing one? Do you believe you know why it happened? For example, did someone drop something down the drain or garbage disposal? And have you tried to fix it before calling the plumber?

Or, say you’ve found a leak and have a dripping faucet. In this case, it would be helpful to tell the plumber about how old the faucet is and where it is located – bathroom, sink, shower, or outside. Depending on age and location and type, there can be differences in the cost of a new fixture, labor, and other parts. For example, shower cartridges cost more than faucet cartridges.

Knowing Your Fixture Brand Helps Improve Project Efficiency

You should also be able to tell the plumber what brand the fixture is as well. Is it a Moen, Delta, Kohler, or some other brand? This is important because plumbers don’t always carry name brand faucets with them and need to order them. But, if you tell the plumber before he arrives what brand you have, he may be able to bring it with him, saving time and money.

If you cannot find what brand of faucet you have, another option is to take a photograph of it and send it to the plumber. Most plumbers can identify a fixture from a photograph.

Also, if you would like the plumber to install a new fixture, such as a faucet or toilet, you will naturally have to give the plumber information about what type you want. While the plumber will work with you to find the best choice, doing a little research beforehand may enable the plumber to better help you.

Prepare the Work Area

Another thing you can do before the plumber arrives is to prepare the area where he will be working. Make sure it is clear, and keep kids and pets out of the way.

Whether you need a plumber to fix a leaky shower head, or your pipes have burst on the morning of July 4, contact the Dallas plumbing experts at Plumbing Dynamics.

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