How to prevent a gas leak

Today we’ve got some tips for you about gas leaks.

Protect Your Gas Line

You can prevent a gas leak by taking care of your gas riser. That’s the part of your gas pipe that comes up out of the count and into your house. 

If you were to dig out your gas line to take a look at it, you’d find a green protective coating around it. Where that protective coating is at the surface of your lawn it gets hit by weed eaters, lawn equipment, and just generally worn down over time. You can look at your gas pipe and see where the protective coating gets worn away. Once that protective coating is gone moisture can get to your pipe. This starts to corrode the pipe, and eventually, you’ll have a leak. 

Inspect Your Gas Pipe

You can inspect your own pipe by just taking a look at where it comes up out of the ground. If you see that it looks like the protective coating is going away, it’s probably time to think about getting it replaced before you have to call the gas company and have them shut your gas down, and go without your gas service for awhile!

So next time you’re out in your yard picking up weeds or cutting your grass, take a look at your gas riser to see if it’s got any corrosion or rot on it. If it does, give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you!

What you need to do if you do have a gas leak

If you’re out working in your yard and you smell something like a rotten egg, you may be smelling gas. Call us first, and if you can’t get hold of us for whatever reason, call the gas company. The reason we say to call us first is that your chances of getting the leak fixed the same day are much greater than if you call the gas company. The gas company will shut your gas off, and then you’ll have to get the city involved to get your gas turned back on. 

So if you smell gas, call your us. Of course, if it’s an emergency or if it’s more than you feel comfortable with, go ahead and call your gas company so they can shut off your gas quickly. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call!