Many of us have a – shall we say? – greater belief in our handyman skills than are warranted. But others of us don’t give ourselves enough credit when we really could fix a plumbing problem on our own.

So to help the DIY-wannabes and the DIY-’fraidy-cats amount you, we’ve put together a short list to help you know when a plumbing problem is fixable by the average homeowner and when a professional plumbing Dallas service should be called in instead.

  1. If it leaks or drips, you probably can fix it on your own.

Most homeowners are quite capable of taking care of a faucet drip. Faucets usually drip because their washers have worn down and it’s usually just a matter of heading to your local home repair supply store to pick a new one up and then taking the old washer off and putting the new one on.

DIY plumbing tips

Toilet leaks also are pretty easy to fix yourself. For a short and sweet video tutorial, check out this one, courtesy of the

  1. Clogged sink drains also are easily fixed.

Have plumber’s snake and plunger? You’re good to go. Follow the instructions provided by

  1. As are “running” toilets.

Check out the step-by-step tutorial on how to fix a “running” toilet, also provided by

  1. Need to clear a plugged bath or shower drain and want to do so without chemicals? Do it!

The again comes to the rescue with this über-easy tutorial on how to clear a plugged drain quickly, no matter what type of drain stopper you have.

  1. Replacing your water heater’s TPR valve also definitely is homeowner DIY-able.

You’ll know it may need replacing when you see a puddle of water near the water heater’s overflow tube. If the leak is a big one or if the leak doesn’t stop in a day or two, you more than likely really should replace the valve.

Doing so isn’t as easy as fixing leaky faucets or toilets, but it’s not that hard as plumbing repairs go. has a nice, simple TPR valve replacement tutorial.

Unless you have experience fixing other plumbing problems such as removing the pipe underneath a sink, replacing a water shutoff valve, and so on, it’s probably best that you don’t tackle the more complex plumbing system fixes such as when you need to install a new pipe, tub or sink; your water heater has bigger problems than a faulty TPR valve; your septic tank is leaking; a sewer line leaks or breaks; and so on.

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