How To Fix a Leaky Exterior Faucet

We have a customer who has two outside hose faucets on the outside of their house. When they turned the water on, both faucets leaked!

Find The Stem



Has this happened to you? When you turn your outside faucet on, look closely at the stem. The stem is the part with the handle that you turn, not the part the water comes out of. You might see water leaking out from behind the handle. This is the kind of leak we’re talking about.

The Common Cause



It’s actually a very common occurrence. When you turn these faucets on and off throughout the years, our hard water stiffens the washers in the hose bib, and this causes the stem to leak.

Tighten The Packing Nut


If you see this kind of leak on your faucets look for a packing nut that is right behind the handle. All you have to do is tighten it. That stops your leak, and now you have a functioning hose bib! You have also just saved yourself hundreds of dollars by not having a plumber come out to do it for you!


If You Need Help


If you have any questions about leaks you see in any of your faucets, see if any of our email tips can help you fix it yourself. If that doesn’t work, give us a call! We’ll come out and get it fixed.