how to fix a laundry room leak

Where the leak is usually located


Good morning friends and followers! Recently we were at the home of a customer who just moved in and had a new washing machine all set to install. When the appliance guys came to install it they were unable to turn the water on. Both shutoff valves were leaking and it just wasn’t possible to get the water on.


The common issue


This is a common thing we see in old fixtures that haven’t been turned on and off in a while. When appliance guys come out to install an appliance they are not allowed to touch anything, they can only hook up your appliance. If they touch anything else they open themselves up for a lot of liability. 


How you can fix it yourself


The customer had us come out to check and make sure there was no major problem. This is actually a simple problem that any homeowner can take care of with a pair of pliers. There’s a little packing nut right above where the hose connection is on these valves. All you have to do is take your wrench and tighten the nut just a little. That will stop the leak and you’ll have a good, functioning connection that you don’t have to worry about, and that won’t make your water bill higher than it needs to be. 


There are many simple repairs like this that you can do yourself, once you know what to do and what to look for. We love helping our clients learn about ways they can do simple fixes in their homes. And we’re more than happy to come to check anything out for you!