Calling a plumber

A lot has changed since 2019 ended, and people are starting to re-think how the select vendors for important services. With the rise of COVID-19, even hiring a plumber has become a task that requires asking even more of the right questions before agreeing to contract work.

While we’ve covered how to select the right commercial plumber for a job, we realize that the residential sector also needs to understand how to approach plumbing in the current climate. Here is a closer look at how to choose the right plumber for your next plumbing fix.

Ensure They Uphold Current Health Standards

Coronavirus has turned the nation on its head and our health and hygiene standards have become a life-saving priority. The plumber you work with should follow CDC recommended standards as well as go above and beyond to ensure that a work area is clean and sanitary after they’ve left.

At Plumbing Dynamics, not only do we practice socially distant plumbing, but we clean before and after our work is complete. The safety of our customers is our number one priority, and we are ready to do everything we can to ensure the wellness of your home while we’re in it.

Make Sure They Are Licensed

Remember, a licensed plumber and a handyman are not the same thing. While a handyman may boast that they have the necessary tools and experience to complete a plumbing job, only a licensed plumber can truly guarantee a job well done.

A licensed plumber doesn’t leave you with unnecessary liability, won’t cause damage to your home during repairs, and has received the essential training needed to complete even the most complex of plumbing jobs.

Ask About Their Experience with Your Problem

This is especially true if you have a more serious problem like a water heater malfunction or burst pipes. Reassurance that the issue gets resolved is paramount. You want your plumber to be someone who understands the ins and outs of emergency plumbing. Don’t settle for a someone newly licensed, make sure to go with a plumber who has experience and customer satisfaction behind their name to back up their expertise.

Know Who’s Doing the Work

Not all plumbers do the work on their own. Some hire subcontractors or send out apprentices to perform the jobs the business picks up. While this practice isn’t necessarily sneaky, it’s always best to ask if this is something your plumber does.

If a subcontractor is in the cards, make sure that they possess the guidance and skill set to complete your job safely. If they aren’t equally as capable as the plumber you’ve contracted for the job, we say move on.

Cross Off Every Requirement With Plumbing Dynamics!

The team at Plumbing Dynamics understands the needs that our customers have and are prepared to accommodate in every way possible. Not only do we guarantee a safe environment when we visit your home, but we will also put our expertise to your plumbing and ensure your family’s comfort. If you’ve been experiencing plumbing problems, we are ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.