Don't flush money down the drain

Licensed plumbers in Dallas have to cover considerable labor and parts expenses. On the other hand, you need to protect your budget and ensure that you get the best quality work for your money. Here’s how to budget for plumbing repairs or renovations that can reach thousands of dollars.

How to Budget for Plumbing Repairs

Setting aside $1,000 for home repair and maintenance jobs is a good start. It will cover relatively minor problems when hiring a Dallas plumber. That amount of money also gets you closer to paying for a major repair or replacement.

To budget for a big plumbing job, follow these steps:

Identify the full scope of the job. Make a list of every element you think will affect the job. This information will prepare you to discuss the job with licensed plumbers in Dallas.

Decide on the timeline for the job. Can you wait a few months to save the money, or does it need attention this week? Plumbing issues causing damage or mold growth or affecting household sanitation can’t wait.

Look into financing options. Many plumbing companies offer financing plans. They will work out a payment plan with you. If you’re planning a renovation, look into a home equity line of credit. This could provide you with money to update your home and complete other repairs at a much friendlier interest rate than credit cards.

Pad your budget to account for unforeseen expenses. Once you see some quotes for your job, keep in mind that these are estimates. A Dallas plumber may get halfway into a repair only to discover a new problem that must be remedied.

Look for coupons.  Local plumbing companies face steep competition when the local market is saturated by similar plumbing services.  Look online for coupons and specials on plumbing websites that you can apply toward a major plumbing expense.

How to Control the Cost of Plumbing Emergencies

Unfortunately, very few plumbing issues “can wait” until you have the money.

Emergency plumbers may increase labor charges by 50% to 100% when you need an immediate response on the weekend or after hours. You may face an emergency travel fee too.

Sometimes, you can put off an emergency until Monday or after a holiday. You can shut off the water supply to the broken fixture or other equipment. At other times, you’ll have to pay for emergency services when the problem makes the home unlivable.

Even in a bad situation, you can reduce the final repair bill by taking action to halt damage. For example, shut off the main supply line if a burst pipe is flooding your home. This will stop water from pouring into your home and worsening the water damage.

In general, you can shave costs off a plumbing emergency by:

    • Moving objects away from the area that workers need to access
    • Cleaning up flood water before the plumber arrives
    • Pulling out the drywall in front of the pipes that need work

These efforts reduce the labor that the plumber has to perform.

Get Plumbing Repair Quotes

Although licensed plumbers in Dallas tend to charge similar rates because they compete, prices will vary. Try to get three to five quotes.

Refrain from assuming that the lowest bid is your best deal. The most expensive quote is not necessarily your best pick, either.

Use your initial interactions with these companies to judge their worthiness. Were they polite and professional? Were they quick to answer questions? Sometimes in the absence of large price differences, your first impression of a company could serve as the deciding factor.

Before hiring, look at online reviews. Check the Better Business Bureau for any major complaints.

Finally, ask about work guarantees. Good companies stand by their work and will do what it takes to satisfy their customers. Even great service providers make errors sometimes, but they should be willing to come back and make it right without charging you extra.

Talk to a Full-Service Dallas Plumber

The master plumbers  at Plumbing Dynamics perform thorough diagnostics and repairs to ensure quality results. We’ll answer all of your questions when you’re working out a budget for a large plumbing job, and work with your budget.  Contact us today.