How To Avoid Water Damage From a Faucet Leak

Recently we had a customer who called us out for a dripping faucet under their bathroom sink. When we got there we realized that the faucet itself, and the supply line that comes out of it, had been compromised, either because of too much pressure or because it just wore out. 


What To Do First


The first thing we did was to shut the water off to that faucet so that the customer was out of immediate danger from the leak further ruining their cabinet. We could see that the bottom of the cabinet was warped and damage had already been done. Once we shut off the water to keep further damage from happening we instructed them to go pick out whatever new faucet they’d like, and we’d come back later in the week to install it for them. 


If You Cannot Fix The Leak Yourself


If you try to do a fix like this yourself, be mindful of over-tightening anything. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t push it. If you need a plumber or have any questions about how to replace a leaky faucet, just give us a call! We can come out and assess the problem for free, and get you on the right path.