HDPE water pipe burst size 450mm diameter.

While it was just a few months ago that Texans around the state were dealing with frozen and burst pipes, the plumbing threats don’t end when the weather heats up. 

It can get pretty hot out in the Lone Star State during the summer, and sometimes, the extreme heat can lead to direct and indirect damage to your plumbing. The licensed plumbers at Plumbing Dynamics have seen and repaired countless plumbing issues, and these summer plumbing problems are calls that we’ve come to expect around this time every year.

Clogged Drains

While this is definitely an indirect factor of the heat, it’s still a plumbing problem that makes our list. The summer heat ushers in the season of swim parties and barbecues. 

Constant use of your restroom and showers after a swim can lead to clogged toilets and shower drains. This is especially true in older homes with antiquated plumbing that isn’t used to such frequent action.

Cracked Pipes Below Ground

During the hottest months of the year, the underground pipes in your yard are at a high risk of cracks and bursts. 

Extreme heat dries out the soil beneath your home and can lead to shifts in your property’s foundation. When this happens, pipes can easily burst and become a dire plumbing emergency.

Another way that your pipes below-ground can be affected by the heat is through excessively high water pressure while using your hose or through the stress that your sprinkler system could have on older plumbing. As the water quickly moves through your pipes over the summer, your plumbing increasingly becomes more vulnerable to underground cracks and leaks.

Exposed Pipe Damage

Remember how during the winter months you protected your exposed pipes with insulation? This is also something you want to do when the temperatures really start to soar this summer. 

Although exposed pipe damage is something that develops slowly over time, unprotected pipes can eventually become weakened by direct heat. If you notice that your pipes are warping or have developed minor leaks or structural damage, it’s time to call in a licensed plumber before the problem really gets out of hand.

Low Water Pressure

When all of the potential summer plumbing problems reach their climax, the chances are that your water pressure is going to drastically decrease. As pipes beneath your home leak due to cracks, the efficiency of your water delivery becomes dismal, creating a red flag that no homeowner should ever ignore.

When Should You Call A Plumber?

At the first sign of a plumbing problem, a homeowner should always reach out to a plumber for help. DIY fixes can become expensive mistakes. So, save money and avoid further damage by reaching out to a plumber once you notice a drop in your plumbing’s efficiency.

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