Yes, a good plumber can be pricey. Yes, you’d rather not have to spend the money.

super man plumberBut good plumbers truly can save you money in the long run. Read below for several reasons why.

  • First of all, even tiny leaks in your pipes can cost you plenty. An average house uses up to 10,000 gallons of water every year from leaks. That’s enough to fill up a standard-sized residential swimming pool. Some homes (10 percent of all homes), leak up to three times that much every year.
  • Therefore those small leaks can mean an increase in your water bill by more than 10 percent! • Think fixing that leak will be too expensive? Think again: leaks also can cause water damage to your home’s infrastructure, often in places you can’t readily see. The cost of repairing water damage can average $3,000.
  • A great plumber more than likely will have a drain line camera he or she can use to check where a problem really is. This camera often can then see any breaks or cracks and then the plumber will be able to fix those issues before they become major – and costly.
  • Thinking of remodeling your bath or kitchen? Bring in an experienced Dallas plumber to analyze your plumbing fixtures to ensure they’re not on the verge of breaking. Or, if you’re going to be adding more features to your kitchen (a larger dishwasher or spa tub, for example), the plumber can make sure the new fixtures – and their usage – won’t overload your plumbing or drain lines.
  • Great plumbers will use a sound meter to ascertain if there’s a leak in a pipe under a concrete slab. These types of leaks can be very hard to detect, especially if there’s no water damage – yet. Finding the lead before too much damage has occurred can save a bundle when it comes to repair the under-slab pipe.
  • A good plumber gets the job right the first time. There will be no need to return to fix issues…because they’ll be done correctly by the professional plumber.
  • DIY plumbing projects can easily get out of hand. If you’re fixing anything other than a leaky toilet or faucet drip, unless you’ve performed plumbing procedures before, doing it yourself leaves the door open for costly mistakes.
  • A good plumber can provide routine maintenance on your pipes and, as mentioned above, keep an eye out for small issues that have popped up before they become expensive headaches.

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