Most homeowners can take care of many small plumbing problems – such as a dripping faucet – pretty easily.

Other small plumbing problems – such as a drippy refrigerator – need to be looked after by a licensed plumber. The cost for repair naturally will be more than if you were to do it yourself.$0 plus any needed parts vs. at least $80 or so, if not more, plus parts when a plumber tackles the problem.

But taking care of small plumbing problems when they are small – no matter the cost – can save you a bundle compared to if the plumbing problem were to grow into a large plumbing issue.


Fix small plumbing problems before they get bigger

Is she pointing at a leak in the showerhead? Get it fixed right away to keep this small problem from becoming a larger one.

  1. Stay on the watch for small problems, such as the aforementioned leaky faucet. But also look for dampness where it usually isn’t (such as in cabinets), toilets that leak, dripping refrigerators, etc.
  2. Fix those DIY-able problems yourself right away. The leaky faucet, the “running” toilet, the air conditioner that gives off a lot of condensation. Even a small leak in your shower head will put wear on the shower’s plumbing, possibly leading to the need to replace it sooner than necessary.
  3. If you find you have no water pressure, you should call your plumber ASAP. The lack of water pressure could be caused by a small problem such as a leak. But a larger problem could be lurking, such as something blocking the water flow.
  4. Don’t assume that your hot water turning cold means your water heater is on its last legs. Replacing the water heater can be costly, but no hot water also could be a sign of a broken thermostat, mineral buildup within the tank, or a faulty heating element. These are much less expensive fixes than replacing or repairing the water heater. So call your plumber to check the problem out.
  5. Low water pressure in your toilet could be a sign of problems in your sewer line. This can be very costly to fix, so the sooner you call a plumber to check out low toilet pressure, the better.

Routine Plumbing Maintenance Can Save You Money

Perhaps one of the best ways to keep small plumbing problems from becoming large – and costly – problems, is to engage your Dallas plumber to perform regular and routine maintenance on your home’s plumbing system. Checking out your home’s sewer and water lines, internal pipes, water heater, and air conditioning unit routinely and fixing small issues found during those routine inspections can end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in emergency repair costs.

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