Slab Leak In North Dallas Texas

Whether you own commercial or residential property, your home or business was likely built on the foundation of a concrete slab. Water and sewer lines run beneath concrete slabs and provide essential services to your home.

Although concrete is known as one of the most stable materials in construction, sometimes plumbing emergencies within underground lines occur that can result in a damaging slab leak that impacts your entire home.

Why Are Slab Leaks Such a Threat?

Slab leaks are serious business because they usually go undetected until they’ve already become a plumbing emergency. Not only can a slab leak cost an owner thousands of dollars in repairs if identified too late, but a slab leak can also:

  • Create mold spores that infect your property; putting your family and employees at risk
  • Damage and shifting in your home’s foundation
  • Weaken concrete and steel supports that make up your foundation

Signs That Your Property has a Slab Leak

Don’t let an undetected slab leak turn your property into a literal money pit. Learn the first signs of when to call out a plumber to inspect your home or business if you suspect trouble is brewing down below.

Hot Spots

If you start to notice literal hot spots on the floor of specific areas in your home, this is almost a sure sign that you have a slab leak on your property.

Hot spots mean that your hot water line beneath the ground has burst and is slowly infiltrating your home’s slab and foundation. Hot spots on your floor are an issue that you should never ignore. Always reach out to a licensed plumber if you notice this problem.

Soaring Water Bills

Any leak in your plumbing means that your water is rushing through its system 24/7 (at least until a plumber resolves the problem). When this happens, you’ll find that your water bills suddenly spike and can double or even triple every month.

If you continue to let your slab leak fester, all you’re doing is draining money from your personal bank account. So, at the first sign of a leak, get it fixed. We guarantee that paying a great licensed plumber for a long-lasting solution is more cost-effective than overpaying on your water bill or massive repairs on your home.

Shower and Toilet Clogs

If your shower and toilet continuously back up or appear to clog and you can’t resolve the problem, the root cause could be either a leak in one of your appliance lines or a deeper slab leak. 

These problems can be tricky to identify, so make sure a plumber comes out to your property and makes the right diagnosis.

Foul Smells

If you have a slab leak, mold and mildew will eventually begin to take over your home. However, before that even happens, you’ll start to notice a mildew smell coming from the floorboards as water saturates the underside of your property.

Foundation Cracking

Water is a powerful substance that can eventually penetrate and cause massive damage to the concrete in your foundation. Foundation damage is one of the most costly repairs a homeowner can make. 

The first signs that a slab leak has damaged your foundation are visible cracks within your foundation. Cracks are a massive red flag that no homeowner should ignore. 

How can Slab Leak Detection from Plumbing Dynamics Help?

Slab leak detection services from Plumbing Dynamics help you quickly trace the problem of your slab leak to its roots. Whether your slab leak is the result of age, abrasion, corrosion, or simply poor piping installation, our team makes sure you get your answers fast.

Once the issue is determined, our licensed plumbers present you with a solution to your slab leak problem and can get straight to work on resolving the issue upon approval.

Stop Your Slab Leak Today, With Plumbing Dynamics

Slab leaks are one of the biggest plumbing problems a property owner can face. However, the plumbing experts of Plumbing Dynamics can help you get through this stressful time and present you with a lasting solution that gets your home back in order again.

Contact us today to learn more about our slab leak detection services or to schedule a plumber for any other plumbing issues that arise.