Home Plumbing Inspection Lead Pipes

When selecting your dream home, you want it to be a structure that requires as little extra work as possible. That’s why after your offer is accepted, a plumbing inspection is usually the next step. While most Dallas plumbers will look at the basics like leaking toilets and proper installation of surface level fixtures, there are often deeper, more expensive problems that are overlooked.

Before you take the keys and sign the contract, make sure you schedule a plumbing inspection that delves deeper into the root of your home where plumbing emergencies can arise.

Sewer Line

If something is awry with your home’s main sewer line, then you could face some hefty repairs if the issue isn’t taken care of before you take control of the home. Your main sewer line goes deep under the house and can unveil several problems that include:

  • Clogged pipes
  • Drainage problems
  • Deteriorating pipes
  • Soon-to-be collapsed line

The condition of your potential home’s sewer line should be at the top of your plumbing checklist. Make sure to ask the Dallas plumber performing the inspection to add a camera inspection on the main sewer line so that any issues can be caught before they completely become your problem.

Slab Leaks

Although there are some very obvious signs of a slab leak like mold, mildew, or collected water in parts of the home, a slab leak isn’t on your home inspector’s list of priorities. Sure, you may be warned of the mold, but beyond that, leak detection isn’t in the cards.

Reach out to a local plumber who can investigate the areas of the home that could be the source of a potentially deal-breaking slab leak. There are many dangers involved with a slab leak, the main one being that they create a health hazard. Avoid taking a risk and get a professional to help you confirm that your foundation is in top shape.

Lead Pipes

Many modern home shoppers purposely seek out older homes for the vintage aesthetic they provide. However, with the vintage look comes vintage plumbing with pipes that may not have been replaced since the home was built. Lead pipes that come with some of these homes can create a health problem for the owners living in the home.  The issue with lead pipes is that over time, lead can begin to seep into the water supply that the home relies on. In general, no one should be exposed to lead but this plumbing setup poses a particular danger to children and expectant mothers.

During a home plumbing inspection check out what the pipes in and under the home are made from. If you find lead, be prepared to negotiate with the homeowners or face a major expense to replace them yourself.

Trust Plumbing Dynamics to Get to the Root of Your Plumbing

A new home purchase is a huge life-altering decision. Let Plumbing Dynamics help you ensure that your choice is the right one. If you are on the fence on whether or not to buy a home because you have some plumbing doubts, we’re here to help! Contact us today to schedule your inspection.