Woman With Emergency Plumbing Sink Leak Problem

Residential plumbing problems are something that every homeowner has to face at one point in time. Some problems may even seem like common issues that can be fixed through online tutorials and willpower.

However, as Dallas plumbing professionals, we are here to say that even the most common plumbing issues can be indicators that there is something substantially wrong with your system as a whole.

Here’s a look at some of the most common plumbing problems that when left unfixed will eventually lead to plumbing emergencies.

Reduced Water Flow

When people notice that one of their faucets experiences a weak flow, most would like to believe it’s only a faulty faucet aerator. Before jumping into this doable repair, make sure that there aren’t bigger problems at hand such as leaks in the water line.

Once you notice an issue with one faucet, test all of the faucets around your home. If you find that there are multiple areas where water flow is reduced, your home is dealing with a much bigger plumbing issue.

Problems with multiple faucets in the home indicate water line leaks, a faulty hot water heater in need of repair, or an issue with the actual water main. Only a licensed plumber can accurately determine the source of your problem and provide you with a solution that brings your water pressure back up to speed.

Slow Drains in Tubs and Sinks

Slow drains are typically viewed as a clog-related problem. Many homeowners invest in plumbing snakes and drain chemicals in an attempt to increase the drain of their units throughout the course of an afternoon.

Much like reduced water pressure, sometimes the problem lies deeper in the system, and DIY jobs can do more harm than good. If you notice a slow drain in your tub or sink, save your pipes the damage improper practices cause.

Reach out to a local plumber and ask them to inspect your system for the underlying problem. Yes, sometimes it could just be a deep clog that developed over time. However, there could also be an issue deeper down the plumbing system that requires professional attention to resolve. An example of this could be a tree root that has burst through the pipe and created your slow drain.

Leaking Pipes

Leaky pipes are a residential problem that can be caused by many culprits. From clogs to incorrect pipe placement, and corrosion, it definitely takes an expert to understand what went wrong in the system.

We advise homeowners to act fast even when the smallest leak is present. A leak left ignored can quickly spread to cause further damage to your plumbing and the affected area of your home.

Sewer System Issues

Oftentimes a backed-up toilet can be resolved with a swift plunging. However, when the backup continues to return, there could be a deeper clog within the sewer line that extends from your home.

A plumber can quickly help you find the source of the problem and then determine whether it is an issue that you must resolve or one that is the responsibility of your local water company.

Either way, this is a plumbing problem that needs swift resolution because it is messy, unhygienic, and above all a health risk to those exposed to backed up waste.

Toilet Problems

Running toilets aren’t always fixed with the jiggle of the unit’s handle. There are several reasons behind a running toilet, and focusing on the wrong problem could exacerbate the issue. A plumber can help you find the root of your running toilet and fix it quickly before it becomes an active leak or worse, deteriorates the wax seal around your toilet’s drain and creates a wobbly, dangerous toilet.

Plumbing Dynamics Treats Every Plumbing Need Like a Potential Emergency

If you are experiencing any of these common plumbing problems in your home, reach out to Plumbing Dynamics, today! Our team of licensed plumbers approaches every issue we address with the professionalism it deserves.

Don’t let a small plumbing problem become an expensive emergency. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our plumbing experts.