DIY toilet repair

Whether you realize it or not, your toilet is probably one of the most important seats in the house. With proper installation and maintenance, a toilet can provide relief for up to 50 years!

Obviously, you want to get your money’s worth from any appliance in your home. That’s why, when the time comes to replace your toilet, you need to get the job done right. Many people view a new toilet installation as a simple DIY project. Well, it isn’t, and here are five of the most common mistakes that can lead to a disastrous and messy toilet replacement.

Forgetting to Drain Water Before Toilet Removal

We can’t stress this one enough! Turn off your tank’s water valve before you start taking out your old toilet! Also, don’t forget to flush your toilet out after the water has been turned off. Taking as much water out of the replacement equation is essential to avoiding a wet situation on your floor.

Once you remove your old toilet, be prepared for any excess water to make its way out. Having a plumber onsite to do the job is your best bet for getting all of the old toilet water cleared out and ensuring your floors stay dry.

Failing to Measure Your Water Line

Many a DIY-er has gone out and bought replacement parts, only to find that their time and money was wasted due to inexperience. Before you start buying important parts like your replacement water line, make sure to take measurements.

Efficient removal of the water line is essential in order to properly measure the length that you’ll need for your new toilet. Trust us, and save yourself the extra trip to the hardware store

Letting Your Flange Sit Too Tall

Your toilet flange is the fixture that connects your toilet to the drainpipe leading out of your home. Your toilet can technically be installed with a high sitting flange. However, you run the risk of a rocking toilet and broken flange.

We are emergency plumbers that can come out and resolve such a situation, but we can also help you avoid the extra cost by installing your toilet and flange at a safe height.

Leaving the Tank Lid On During Removal

While this sounds like a silly warning, it’s one to take seriously. Your toilet tank lid is a loose section of the appliance. One lengthy tilt and it will definitely go flying to the floor. Your tank lids are heavy and delicate. So when these accidents happen, they usually result in shattered porcelain and damaged flooring.

Overtightening Nuts and Bolts

Finally, the nuts and bolts that attach your toilet to the ground don’t need to be overtightened. While tightening the nuts is essential, if you overtighten them against the surface of your new toilet, it can easily chip and break.

Install You Toilet Pain-Free With Plumbing Dynamics

As with all plumbing fixes, installing a new toilet comes with a plethora of mistakes that can be made. Help keep your long-term costs down by trusting Plumbing Dynamics to come out and get the job done right. Contact us today to get in touch with a licensed plumber who can get your toilet installed quickly at a competitive rate.

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