Top Causes for Clogs in Bathroom Sinks

Your bathroom sink should flow smoothly and allow for thorough cleanings during any use of the appliance. However, bathroom sinks are prone to experiencing natural clogs that lead to water buildup, scum-ridden sinks, and homeowners taking the wrong actions to clear out their sink’s plumbing.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the common causes behind a clogged bathroom sink and how a local plumber can help get your plumbing system back in shape without the use of harsh chemicals that can lead to further damage.

Signs Your Sink is Clogged

Fortunately, a sink clog is an almost immediately recognizable plumbing problem. Some of the telltale signs of a clogged bathroom sink drain are:

  • Standing water in your sink after use
  • Water draining very slowly in your sink
  • Foul odors coming from your drain
  • Odd gurgling sounds as water tries to make its way through your pipes

Common Causes Behind a Clogged Sink

Unlike toilets and kitchen sinks, it’s a little more difficult to get large objects clogged in your bathroom sink’s drain. However, general use and literally deep-rooted plumbing issues can quickly lead to clogs that just won’t quit.


Thanks to the oils, fats, and greases found in the average soap bar, soap residue alone can create clogs in your bathroom sink over time. However, when soap scum combines with other contaminants like hair, dry skin flakes, and dirt, the clog they create can be one that requires a plumber’s touch to safely clear out.


From shaving over the sink to stray hairs falling out into the sink’s basin, it’s easy for hair to accumulate within your sink’s drain. Getting rid of a hair clog without the help of a professional can be tricky, so we recommend placing a drain guard over your drain that will allow water to flow into the drain and prevent hair from getting twisted in your plumbing.


Your sink is meant as a receptacle for dirt from your hands. However, without regularly scheduled plumbing maintenance, dirt will eventually clog up your sink and leave you in need of a plumbing job that goes beyond preventative action.

Tree Roots

Sometimes sink clogs have nothing to do with what goes down your drain. Trees that are planted too near your home’s plumbing can easily spread their roots to cause cracks in your underground pipes. When this happens, roots eventually take over the inside of your pipes and create an obstruction in your plumbing that eventually leads to a massive clog.

How Can a Local Plumber Help Resolve a Clogged Sink?

Unfortunately, when a clog arises in a sink, many homeowners turn to harmful chemicals that can both fail and end up causing permanent damage to your bathroom’s plumbing in the long term.

Although a clogged sink may not seem like a reason to call out a plumber, we have the equipment and experience to provide you with safe solutions as well as an accurate cause of your clog.

Some clogs run deeper than the surface area of your pipes, and a team like the plumbers of Plumbing Dynamics can easily recognize the signs of a deeper, more serious plumbing problem.

We are also happy to provide our clients with preventative maintenance that keeps natural elements from melding together and creating clogs that make your sink unusable.

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