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Slab Leak In North Dallas Texas

Whether you own commercial or residential property, your home or business was likely built on the foundation of a concrete slab. Water and sewer lines run beneath concrete slabs and provide essential services to your home. Although concrete is known as one of the most stable materials in construction, sometimes plumbing emergencies within underground lines […]

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hot spot on the floor

Today we’re going to talk about a hot water heater slab leak we recently fixed.   How To Locate a Hot Spot Our customer noticed a hot spot in their baby’s bedroom. He happened to have a thermal imaging camera and used the camera to determine that there was a hot spot on the floor […]

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Detecting a Slab Leak

Slab leak repairs are some of the priciest plumbing problems that a homeowner can encounter. Not only can these issues be costly, but they also present dangerous living conditions for the inhabitants of the home. At Plumbing Dynamics, we believe that your home’s plumbing should always be functioning at its best. Even though we can […]

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Slab Leak Detection is an important plumbing service for your home

Slab leaks in the home are nothing to be taken lightly. One of the most dangerous things about a slab leak is that you usually can’t detect it without the help of a licensed plumber. In fact, slab leaks are really only noticeable when it’s too late and moderate to severe damage has been done […]

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slab leak

Last time we talked about slab leaks, how they happen and what to look for. Today we have some tips for things to watch for inside your house to tell if you might have a slab leak. Wet Spots: One tell-tale sign is wet spots on your tile or grout joints that are wet. If […]

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slab leak repair

Plumbing problems are never fun for homeowners. One of the biggest issues that homeowners dread is a problem in their foundation. A common problem with this is a slab leak that has gone unnoticed for far too long. Defining What Slab Leaks Are Most Texas homes are built on the foundation of a concrete slab. […]

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