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HDPE water pipe burst size 450mm diameter.

While it was just a few months ago that Texans around the state were dealing with frozen and burst pipes, the plumbing threats don’t end when the weather heats up.  It can get pretty hot out in the Lone Star State during the summer, and sometimes, the extreme heat can lead to direct and indirect […]

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Prepare Plumbing for Cooler Weather

After a hot summer, it’s time to enjoy the cooler seasons the state of Texas has to offer us. While this is a time to start preparing for major holiday gatherings, it’s also a good idea to start thinking about scheduling plumbing services to ensure your pipes are ready for the long winter ahead. While […]

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How To Fix a Leaky Exterior Faucet

We have a customer who has two outside hose faucets on the outside of their house. When they turned the water on, both faucets leaked! Find The Stem     Has this happened to you? When you turn your outside faucet on, look closely at the stem. The stem is the part with the handle […]

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Home Plumbing Inspection Lead Pipes

When selecting your dream home, you want it to be a structure that requires as little extra work as possible. That’s why after your offer is accepted, a plumbing inspection is usually the next step. While most Dallas plumbers will look at the basics like leaking toilets and proper installation of surface level fixtures, there […]

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Root Obstruction in a Drainage Pipe

Trees may be natural beauties, but they can cast a dark shadow over your property if their thriving roots interfere with your plumbing. Root obstruction is a common problem among homeowners but can lead to some big problems. If you have large trees planted near your home, be on the lookout this spring for some […]

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How to turn off your water

Do you know how to turn the water off at your house?   Tools You’ll Need   This is an important thing for every homeowner to know how to do. You will need some tools. If you don’t have the tools on hand you can always pick them up at Home Depot, or order them […]

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