Can your bathroom hold two sinksKitchen and bath remodels often bring you a good bang for the proverbial buck when it comes to recouping the costs when it’s time to sell your home.

Kitchen and bath remodels are among the most popular of home renovation projects.

While a “minor” kitchen remodel will recoup a larger percentage of its cost when you sell your home (about 82.7 percent, according to a January 24 report at, a bathroom remodel will recoup 74 percent, according to the article. That’s not too shabby!

Many newer homes sport bathrooms with two sinks at the vanity. Almost all newer master baths have two sinks, while many homes also sport additional bathrooms with two sinks.

If your home is an older home, how can you tell if a bathroom is large enough to fit a two-sink vanity? And do you even want to have a bathroom with two sinks?

You’ll need at least six feet of clear space (no toilet, shower or tub in the way) to fit a vanity with two sinks on one wall. This will give you the minimum 11- to 12-inch buffer you’ll need between sinks (a sink basin is 17-19 inches wide).

But do you really want two sinks?

Of course, it’s great for married couples or siblings to each have their own sink. There’s no fighting about hogging the sink or mirror. Both individuals can shave, brush teeth, put on makeup, etc. while the other is doing his or her bath routine.

But a two-sink vanity also costs more. You’ll need to plumb for two sinks and you’ll need to pay for a larger vanity and mirror, as well as a bigger light fixture (or buy two mirrors and two light fixtures for each). You’ll also have two drain pipes taking up space under the cabinet (there’s more room under bathroom cabinets when there’s just one drain pipe.

You’ll also find – believe it or not – that you have more counter space with a single-sink vanity.

What’s more, it’s easier and faster to clean just one sink. Having one sink also might leave enough room to have a separate bathtub/Jacuzzi tub and shower stall in the bathroom.

If you really want two sinks but don’t have six feet of uninterrupted space on one wall, consider putting in two freestanding pedestal sinks on different walls. Or if you have the space on one wall, but don’t want to have to plumb two drain pipes, consider a long, single basin with two faucets.

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